May update for the Hydrow community

Team Hydrow

Dear Member Community:

We want to share a few new things coming your way soon. We have updates about live workouts, new ways to get milestone shout-outs, more Circuit Training variety, new international destinations, and other new features.

Live Workouts

Beginning Tuesday, May 9th, live workouts are back. 

  • The schedule changes to a monthly cadence: live workouts will be the second week of the month on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays

  • This allows our team to focus on new destinations, create a wider variety of workouts, and innovate on new formats

  • Make sure to join early for milestone shout-outs

  • We’re going to take a few extra minutes at the end of live workouts for even more shout-out opportunities

Introducing Milestone Mondays

We are launching a new way to more frequently celebrate milestone achievements. Enter: Milestone Mondays. 

Each Monday, an Athlete will lead conversation in Training Camp (on Facebook), and go live on Instagram to celebrate your accomplishments. It will be a chance to connect with Athletes in a new way and will launch on Monday, May 15th. 

Coming Soon

We are continuing to bring you new and exciting international destinations, expanding Circuit Training workouts, and adding new workout features to the Hydrow experience. Soon, you’ll see: 

  • More destinations: New Zealand with Mac, Aquil, Mike, and Aisyah, launching in June, and Japan with Nick, Laine, Dani, and James, launching later this summer

  • More Circuit Training content and, coming this summer, a new Athlete joins the crew

  • Heart rate monitor connectivity improvements, including the capability to pair an Apple Watch 

  • The ability to choose your own music genre in workouts  

  • More challenge opportunities

We want to hear from you about what you enjoy about Hydrow as well as how we could improve your Hydrow experience; please take this short survey

See you on the water!