Hydrow Presents: Race On The Charles

Marie Le Hur

In a year marked by unprecedented experiences, the Head of the Charles® Regatta (HOCR) is no exception. The Head of the Charles is the world’s largest two-day rowing event and is one of the most famous and renowned races that rowers, Bostonians, and hundreds of thousands of visitors look forward to celebrating every October. 

The HOCR is particularly important to our team at Hydrow, not only because it is held on our home river, but because it represents dedication, synergy, hard work, and camaraderie -- key pillars of our company ethos.

While we have celebrated the weekend in the past with a booth on the banks of the river near Eliot Bridge, this year we will be honoring Boston’s big race in a unique way. If you were with us a year ago, in 2019, you may know all of our Athletes raced over the weekend, most notably in an 8+ (or a sweep boat with 8 rowers and a coxswain). What you may not know is that we actually filmed it. 

Now you, our Hydrow community, have the chance to race down the river, hearing the cheers of fans, screams of other boats being passed, motivation and encouragement from our coxswain, all while quite literally in the boat with our Hydrow Athletes. 

Here is everything you need to know about this one and only opportunity to race down the Charles River as if you were rowing in the 2019 Head of the Charles: 

What is Hydrow’s plan to celebrate HOCR 4702? 

At last year’s Head of the Charles, our Hydrow 8+ boat flew down the course and we had the opportunity to film it as a Journey. Feel like you’re part of the iconic Boston race, hear the cheers, see your Athletes passing other boats, and crank out meters as if you are literally rowing on the Charles during the HOCR. HOCR 4702 references the length of the Head of the Charles racecourse, and the name of the virtual event that rowers around the world will be participating in. In 2019, our Athletes in the 8+ raced these 4702 meters in less than 18-minutes. See how many meters you can grab in this timeframe. 

In line with the weekend of the HOCR 4702, this workout will be available on Hydrows on Saturday and Sunday, October, 17th + 18th, 2020

At the conclusion of the weekend, we will post the top finishers for each age and gender bracket. 

How long will this race be available? 

The Race On The Charles will only be available on Saturday and Sunday, October 17th + 18th, the weekend that would have been the annual Head of the Charles Regatta, now HOCR 4702. 

The workout will be posted to your Hydrow’s library on Saturday, October 17th at 7:45am ET (when the first race would have kicked off), and will be taken down on Sunday, October 18th at 6pm ET (the conclusion of the final ceremony). If you would like to race the Charles, you must begin the row before 6pm ET. 

Where can I find the Race On The Charles workout? 

The Race On The Charles workout will be included in the on-demand library. Either check the library or filter for ‘Journeys’ and ‘Boston,’ then prepare to take off! 

What if I am away from my Hydrow, will I be able to do this workout another time? 

The Race On The Charles row will only be available for a limited time on October 17th and 18th. If you would like to experience the excitement of HOCR 2019 from the river, be sure to complete the row while it is available. 

Will I earn a badge for completing the Race On The Charles? 

Yes! Any member who completes this workout will be awarded a special badge to commemorate the effort that they put in. All you have to do is complete the full row before it is taken down on Sunday. The badge will be automatically applied to all those who complete the row and will be visible on the Hydrow iOS App, though it will take a few days to appear.

Can I participate in the race if I have a Hydrow Digital Basic membership?

Yes and no -- while you will still be able to complete the row in the iOS App and earn a badge for your efforts, your stats will not count towards the leaderboard. The ability to compete against other members of the community is unique to Hydrow owners and those completing the race on Hydrow. 

I don’t have my age and/or gender visible, will my meters still count on the leaderboard?

While your row will still be counted, unfortunately, we will not be able to include your meters in our public-facing bracket. In order to be included in the final standings, both your gender and your age range must be included. 

Is there a special Facebook group for this race?

The Hydrow Training Camp Facebook group is still the best place to engage with other Hydrow community members to support each other and drive some healthy competition. Challenge some familiar faces on the leaderboard and see how you stack up against the rest of the community. You can join the Facebook group here.

Use the hashtag #HydrowRaceOnTheCharles on social media to connect with other members of the Hydrow community who are also racing.