Introducing the Hydrow Runner’s Program

Amanda Crawford

Rowing, strength, mobility and Pilates workouts are perfect cross-training options for all types of athletes — especially runners. Cross-training has a multitude of benefits for runners that can help improve your performance, increase cardio conditioning, and boost your speed. Here to deliver those results so you can feel your best each time you hit the road is the Hydrow Runner’s Program, a 3-week cross-training program to take your running to the next level. 

To find the Hydrow Runner’s Program, scroll down on your homescreen to programs. Be on the lookout for this shiny new badge which is all yours when you cross the finish line!

Built by runners

The Hydrow Runner’s Program was designed by former professional Track and Field star and Hydrow Director of Fitness Pete Donohoe. The program consists of 9 workouts over 3 weeks and combines rowing with Pilates, mobility, and strength. 

Over the course of the program you will improve your running by building muscle, stamina, cardio conditioning, and endurance. “It is designed for those who enjoy getting out on the roads regularly and doing a 5k or 10k road race, and who'd like to see a way to improve their performance, “ explains Pete. “Some of you will see improvements in your pace when you run, some will see improvements in road race times, and all who finish the program will feel stronger, more efficient and a little quicker while running.”

In the program, Pete is joined by 5 other Hydrow Athletes who are also celebrated and accomplished runners including Aisyah, James, Laine, Nick, and Christie.

Rowing and running, a perfect pair

The low impact nature of rowing makes it a great complement to your running routine and is a sustainable way to continue building cardiovascular and muscular endurance on your off days. Not only that but rowing also works out the arms, core, back, glutes, and legs (86% of your muscles, in fact), making it a full body workout capable of creating a strong connection between your upper and lower body - something you can’t get from running alone. If you’d like to combine running with our program, we’ve made a schedule for inspiration that you can follow here. That way you get the best of all worlds whether you’re on water, on the mat, or on the road.

Outside of our Runner’s Program, you can find other cross-training rows and workouts by filtering your Workout Style in the library by Cross-Training.

On your mark, get set, go! 

When you finish the Runner’s program, show off your badge with pride on social and in Facebook Training Camp using #FeeltheHydrowHigh so we can run in lockstep with you and celebrate together. 

We can’t wait for all our runners to join us for this special program. Not a Hydrow Member yet? It’s not too late to jump on and discover why Hydrow is the perfect cross-training tool to bring your running to the next level. Learn more about it here.