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The Boathouse arrow right Introducing the weekly Yoga Flow series

Introducing the weekly Yoga Flow series

October 1, 2021

Written by: Kristin Haraldsdottir, PhD

Fall is upon us, and with the changing seasons comes an opportunity to freshen up your routine, find new rituals that get you one step closer to your goals, and start finding movement with awareness and purpose. If you find yourself needing to feel grounded, lower your stress level, or add variety to your workout routine, Hydrow’s weekly Yoga Flow series might just be the perfect new habit for you. 

Yoga Flow at Hydrow is a modern take on the rich and historic Eastern yoga tradition that dates back over 3000 years, blending a physical practice with a focus on the breath. These vinyasa-style yoga workouts are energetic, where individual poses, or asanas, flow together from one to the next, resulting in a dynamic practice that is more physically demanding than other yoga categories

Read on to learn more about this new series, and how it can reinvigorate your life, mind, and body. 

What can you expect from Yoga Flow at Hydrow?

Yoga Flow at Hydrow is based on the vinyasa yoga tradition, which is a type of yoga that is more physically challenging. Quite literally, Yoga Flow classes encourage you to flow from one yoga pose to another, allowing you to build heat, focus on your breath, build strength, and find range of motion in all of your major joints. Every Yoga Flow session at Hydrow is a little different, and our teachers bring their personality and rich teaching experience to make each session unique. 

In every Yoga Flow session, your Hydrow yoga teacher will take some time guiding you through grounding poses that will allow you to calm down from your day, and help you transition to a grounded, healthy headspace. Owen, one of Hydrow’s yoga teachers, teaches several of the workouts, and says, “this series is a chance to establish or get deeper into your yoga practice. These longer sessions of 20-45 minutes allow you to open the body and build up towards a broader range of poses and movements. Sometimes we focus on a specific area of the body (ex. chest, shoulders, hips) or work on a specific theme, and other times it’s simply a full-body workout. My goal as a teacher is to make each session challenging and accessible at the same time, so you leave feeling better and having proven something to yourself. The Yoga Flow series is a great way to stay accountable, improve your yoga practice, and commit to some well-deserved time for yourself each week.”

Owen often starts Yoga Flow classes in Child’s Pose, a grounding pose that opens up your hips, relaxes your lower back, and allows you to breathe and let your day melt away.

You’ll experience an invigorating sequence of movements every time you practice with one of our yoga teachers. Many Yoga Flow sessions build up to a Sun Salutation sequence, which is a common physical sequence of yoga poses that flow together, and are based on the long-standing yoga tradition, dating back more than 2,500 years. This sequence takes you through a series of poses that build heat, align with your breath, and take you through stretches, forward folds, backbends, and strength-building positions.

Owen demonstrates Sun Salutation A in Newport, RI in a 30-min “Weekly Flow” from 9/12/21.

By establishing a regular yoga practice, you are giving yourself a gateway to better mental and physical health. Your Hydrow yoga teacher will always end your practice and hard work by guiding you through restorative poses, allowing you to slowly unwind, leaving you in a better state of mind.

Channing ends a Yoga Flow with restorative poses opening up the side body- including the lats, IT bands, and hips in a 20-min Flow from 8/22/21.

Why should you try Yoga Flow at Hydrow?

– It is a great stress reliever, and has been shown to reduce anxiety.

– It helps to improve your balance

–  It keeps your mind sharp as you age, and helps prevent cognitive decline.

– It increases mobility in muscles and joints that work hard in rowing, keeping you healthier and active longer. 

– It allows you to slow down and allow your body and mind to connect.

– It encourages the linking of your breath with your movement, which translates to rowing seamlessly. 

Where should you start?

Jump right in! Our weekly Yoga Flow sessions are all-levels and you will immediately enjoy the benefits of the practice. Check out some of our favorites, available in the on-demand library today:

If you are new to yoga, we suggest incorporating a Yoga Flow practice into your routine once a week. Explore the three types of yoga offered at Hydrow, and the wide variety of durations, from 5 to 45 minutes. If you’re short on time, you can find 5-min Yoga Flows with Channing or Owen when you need a quick movement break. (Spoiler alert: we love Channing’s 5 minute Coffee Break Flow from 8/23/21 and Owen’s 5 min Movement Break Flow from 7/5/21.) 


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