Join Hydrow in Celebrating Pride Month 2023

Bri Hand

Hydrow has built a community that celebrates differences and supports one other no matter your race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Part of that effort is embodying Pride not just for one month, but every single day. Love knows no boundaries — and acceptance and being an ally shouldn’t, either. 

As the officially observed month for Pride, June is known for its celebrations of LGBTQ+ culture, bringing recognition and support of the fight for equal rights and amplifying LGBTQ+ voices and causes. Beginning as the Stonewall Riots in New York City to fight against the oppression of gay and trans individuals, annual Pride parades have now grown in cities throughout the world to honor the cause. 

As we enter Pride Month, we are excited to continue our tradition of honoring these causes with special on-the-water workouts. 

Check out Hydrow’s special Pride Month rowing workouts

1. 20-Minute Pride Parade Row

Pride parades are a great way to celebrate social- and self-acceptance, highlight achievements, and draw attention to both equality and inequality. These events can also serve as a demonstration for current human rights and as a remembrance of past events.

In our 20-minute Pride Parade Row, you can get into the spirit of Pride with Aisyah, Aquil, Mike, and Dani as you celebrate progress for the LGBTQ+ community through the themes of celebration, authenticity, love, and joy. 

These four Athletes will each do a hand-off on the water as they speak to each theme, all with a special Pride playlist (and decorated boats!) to keep you motivated. 

This is a celebratory row like no other, so be sure to check it out on your Hydrow, available in the Featured section June 21–27. 

2. 15-Minute Family Pride Row

Spread the love with Sera Moon as you climb through alternating intervals during this inspirational Pride row. This workout serves as a celebration of whoever you are, whoever you love, and whoever you want to be, drawing from Sera Moon’s love and admiration of her role model, her aunt.

This 15-minute rowing workout on the Charles River is a great way to kick off Pride Month — it’s colorful, it’s bright, it’s fun, and it’s a great reminder to love ourselves and everyone around us.

This row will be available in the Featured section of your Hydrow June 27–30. 

At Hydrow, we recognize every person has a unique experience and connection to movement. We are here to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and provide an inclusive space for everyone to enjoy their workout experience. Hydrow Athletes are here to build your confidence, challenge you, motivate you, and most importantly, inspire you to be proud of who you are! 

Happy Pride!

Bri Hand

Bri Hand is Hydrow's Content Marketing Manager and enjoys writing, singing, kayaking, and Zumba!