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Join our U.S. Rowing Team Challenge

July 16, 2021

The U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Rowing Teams are gearing up for a historic summer in Tokyo — and you’re invited to row with them! Join the Olympic teams on the water in these unique rows where every stroke is a stroke of greatness. Keep an eye out for 6 U.S. Rowing Team workouts that are being added to the on-demand library over the next few weeks: 

Monday, July 19th – Kick off the competition
– 5-min Drive U.S. Women’s Team Row, Filter by Location: New Jersey
– 5-min Drive U.S. Men’s Team Row, Filter by Location: California

Monday, July 26th – Give your all with the team
– 10-min Drive U.S. Women’s Team Row, Filter by Location: New Jersey
– 10-min Drive U.S. Men’s Team Row, Filter by Location: California

Monday, August 2nd – Push to the finish
– 1-min Drive U.S. Women’s Team Challenge, Filter by Location: New Jersey
– 1-min Drive U.S. Men’s Team Challenge: Filter by Location, California

*Rows will be published at 5 am ET on the day they become available.

Complete all 6 rows by Sunday, August 8th at 11:59 pm in your local time and celebrate your achievement with a brand new badge!

To feel your best, we recommend warming up before participating in any of these rows. Our Athlete Nick will introduce each row with the coxswain of the respective team so that you can know what to expect during the workout! The coxswain, which you can think of as the coach of the boat, will be providing cues for you to change rhythms during the row itself. 

Rowing in synchronicity with these world-class athletes is an opportunity to celebrate the power of a team and working together to achieve the perfect stroke. When we row together it’s not just one row, one stroke, or one athlete, but a collection of movements that propel us toward a common goal. While some are easy and some are hard, each stroke you take with us this summer is #AStrokeofGreatness

Row Together, Watch Together

This summer is an exciting time, filled with inspiration from world-class athletes and opportunities to set new goals for yourself. If you feel inspired to follow the U.S Men’s and Women’s rowing teams on their journey to Tokyo, you can find their competition schedule here

We’ll be releasing stories and workouts all month to get you in the spirit so stay tuned. We can’t wait to #SeeYouOnTheWater!

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