Join us in celebrating Earth Day 2022

Amanda Crawford

Bringing the world’s most beautiful destinations to your home, and making freshwater more accessible through our partnership with, are just two of the many reasons why we celebrate Earth Day. 

In honor of this day dedicated to preserving and protecting our planet and its natural beauty, we’re adding two Earth Day 2022 workouts to your library and an opportunity to earn a brand new badge for your collection. 

The Workouts

We’ve created two amazing workouts, one row and one Pilates workout. In both, your Hydrow Athletes will guide you while emphasizing the importance of appreciating both the destinations they’re in and the entire planet at large. 

Here are the details on these workouts available on Earth Day, April 22nd:

-20 min "Earth Day: Whole Body Pilates” with Christie and James in Seville

Move through circuits of two Pilates exercises with Christie and James in Seville while learning about their favorite places on Earth.

-10 min Sweat “Earth Day" row with Dani in Newport, California

Elevate your heart rate with Dani through 4-minute intervals where you reflect on your favorite things about the Earth.

Earn your One Planet badge

Earn this special badge when you complete any Hydrow workout on Earth Day, which is April 22nd. Complete your workout between 7 pm ET on Thursday, April 21st and 5 am ET on Saturday, April 23rd to join our community in celebrating the beauty of our planet. You’ll earn this badge whether you row or do yoga, Pilates, strength, or mobility workout— the choice is yours. 

Spread the love

Our mission has always been to create a beautiful human experience for our members, which happily benefits the natural world as well. Inviting you to row with us on your Hydrow that is built to last, while celebrating our stunning #HydrowDestinations, helps establish a meaningful connection to these waterways and our planet as a whole. Share your badge on social media and in Hydrow Training Camp using @Hydrow #FeeltheHydrowHigh and tell us what Earth Day means to you.

See you on the water!