Measuring Progress: Your 5 Minute Assessment

Pete Donohoe

Have questions about assessments, and the role they should play in your training regimen? Hydrow Athlete Sera Moon stopped by to give you the scoop on everything you need to know.

Hey Hydrow! 

How do we measure progress? For some of us, it’s a feeling, a shrinking waistline, or a place on the leaderboard. I measure my progress with an assessment. Every few weeks, I complete a special workout for training, and the change in speed -- a lower split -- is the number I use to assess my progress. What’s better than racing your past self?! 

If you want a way to measure the hard work you’ve been putting in, check out the 5-minute assessment on your Hydrow. Whether you’ve been rowing with us for a day, or a few months, it will help you determine where you’re currently at, and what you can do right now. After you complete the assessment, we’ll email you a breakdown of your respective walk, run, jog, and max goal splits that will better inform your target efforts on future Hydrow workouts. 

Whether you’re deep into training camp, or paving your own path to fitness gains, completing the assessment every so often will provide you with a way to tangibly see changes in your fitness. Whenever I set a new personal record on my training assessment, I have proof that what I’ve been doing works... not to mention bragging rights! So next time you sit down to row, ask yourself how you want to measure your progress. If a 5’ assessment sounds like it’s for you, welcome to the starting line. Let’s go!

-Sera Moon

*** To find the 5-minute Assessment with Aquil: 

1. Choose the “Library” tab at the bottom of the screen on Hydrow

2. Filter for “Drive” workouts at the top

3. Filter for 5-minute duration. The assessment should be the only row that comes up!

4. Tap on the workout & Connect your Bluetooth Headphones or HRM on the details screen.

5.  Select the Blue  “Row” button To begin. You can find more details on how to understand your assessment results here.