New and Improved Beginner Training Camp

Pete Donohoe

Since launching on January 1, 2020, Hydrow Training Camp has evolved beyond our own wildest expectations. Training Camp was designed to shake up your workout routine, reinvigorate you, and motivate you to chase your goals, and while we feel like it has achieved those aims, it could still be better. 

This means that starting on Tuesday, September 15th, we are replacing our current Beginner Training Camp with a new and improved version that provides members of our community who are new to Hydrow (and possibly new to rowing) with a series of workouts that have better instructions and explanations. Our Athletes, coaches, and expert physiologists have incorporated the learning we've done in the past year, as well as feedback from members who completed the current camp, to create the best possible Beginner Training experience. 

This program will ensure that you get the most value out of every minute you spend working out with Hydrow. Here’s everything you need to know about the new and improved Beginner Training Camp:

What will be different between the old and the new Beginner Training Camp? 

Hydrow’s new and improved Beginner Training Camp is the true introduction to Hydrow, where members get to experience all the different types of rowing workouts and On the Mat strength, mobility and pilates workouts that we offer to our community. It is important to us that Beginner Training Camp reflects what members can expect from Hydrow workouts and get a clear introduction to the workouts available. 

Beginner Training Camp is the start of a Hydrow member’s journey where they form a connection to their fitness and the wider Hydrow community.

Some changes include: a more balanced offering of every type of workout available, ample warm-up time where the Athlete explains the workout structure and benefits of the specific workout, and workouts featuring all of the Hydrow Athletes. We also made sure that the new Beginner Training Camp workouts have an approachable workout structure and a rhythm range of 22-30 strokes per minute. 

The new and improved Beginner Training Camp is the best way to help kick-off your Hydrow experience. 

What happens if I am already participating in Beginner Training Camp?

When the new Beginner Training Camp launches, it will replace the current course and your weeks will show as incomplete. Have no fear, you’ll still get credit for the rows you have finished and the meters you have logged, which will be reflected on your progress screen. 

If you are in the early stages of the current Beginner Training Camp, we recommend that you start the course fresh when the new version launches. If you are towards the end of the series and feel confident in your technique, we recommend you either move into our Intermediate Training Camp or refresh your knowledge and restart Beginner Training Camp. The choice is totally yours. 

I am new to Hydrow, where do I find Beginner Training Camp? 

There’s no sign-up or registration necessary to participate. You can start any time you feel ready. Simply scroll down on your Hydrow’s Home screen to the Training Camp section, then tap the Beginner Training Camp track. If you still can’t locate the Training Camp workouts, check out our support article.

Why did you choose to make changes to Training Camp?

As a start-up, we are always working to evolve our workouts to be the best possible experience for our community. Rowing is all about good form and is something that all rowers, novices to Olympians alike, are constantly working on. We want to give our community the best possible jumping-off point to get the most out of their workouts, which means revamping our Beginner Training Camp.

Are you planning to revamp Intermediate and Advanced Training Camps next?

Currently, that is not yet on the roadmap, but we are not ruling it out. We felt that our Beginner Training Camp had the potential to provide better instruction and explanations that would ultimately benefit members of our community who are newer to rowing. 

What happens to the workouts in the old Beginner Training Camp?

The workouts that you have completed will remain in your row history, and the rest will be available in the greater on-demand library. 

Is there a badge or other reward for completing this revamped version?

No, as with the current Beginner Training Camp, there will be no badge or reward for completing the revamped Training Camp. 

Do I need to go back and do the Beginner Training Camp again?

Totally up to you! If you feel like you could use a refresher training, then we encourage you to try out a few of the workouts. It is always good to get back to the basics and focus on form and technique, and the new and improved Beginner Training Camp provides that opportunity. You can always try a few of the workouts and decide if you want to continue with Beginner Training Camp or if you want to do other Hydrow workouts. 

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Care team. See you on the water.