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Live Outdoor Reality

Feb 19, 2019 | Experience

Hydrow’s cutting-edge technology is designed to give you more than just a full-body workout — it’s designed to give you direct access to all of the incredible physical, mental and emotional benefits rowing has to offer, right from the comfort of your home.

What is Live Outdoor Reality?

Hydrow elevates the indoor rowing experience by coupling a state-of-the-art rowing machine with the innovation of live outdoor reality™ (LOR) to create a completely immersive experience. Where traditional rowing machines allow you to simulate the physical motions of rowing, Hydrow’s multisensory approach transports you to the water and into the moment, bringing everything from the sights and sounds, to the synchronicity and camaraderie you could otherwise only experience in a boat, directly to you.

Shot by our talented crew of directors, producers, videographers and sound engineers, every Hydrow workout is filmed from the rower’s perspective, placing you in the perfect position to see, hear and experience every element of your row.

Connect with Your Crew

Experience the same synchronicity, teamwork and collaboration you would on the water. More than just a connected fitness device, Hydrow connects you directly with your trainers, teammates and other rowers on the leaderboard, and allows you to move in exact harmony, working together towards a shared goal. This shared experience helps users build trust, and foster a strong sense of community and belonging — something everyone stands to benefit from.

Expertly Engineered for a Seamless Experience

Hydrow’s revolutionary technology helps complete the experience. The digital adjustable resistance allows you to switch from the feeling of a single scull, an eight-person boat or a traditional rowing machine with ease, so you can row in perfect synchronicity with your instructor or teammate(s). Hydrow’s quiet resistance mechanism makes for near-silent strokes, so all you’ll hear is your instructor, the music, and the sound of your oars hitting the water.

It’s About Access.

At Hydrow, we believe that everyone stands to benefit from the power of rowing — whether it’s the soul-enriching experience of an outdoor workout, or the profound sense of belonging, empathy and support that comes from being a member of a team.

We also believe that these benefits should be universally accessible, and thanks to its LOR capabilities, Hydrow brings the water, the team and the entire rowing experience to you — wherever you are.

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