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Training Camp: Endurance Program

February 21, 2020

Hydrow Training Camp was first designed to help shake up your workout routine, reinvigorate you, and motivate you to chase your goals — whatever they may be. By holding each other accountable through the six-week programs, we hoped that the Hydrow community would get stronger, fitter, and more confident together… we were blown away by your responses, and were thrilled to see just how committed this incredible community truly is.  

Many of you have asked us “now what?!” Introducing Endurance Training Camp. Here’s the scoop on all-things Endurance Camp — launching Monday, February 24.

What is Hydrow Endurance Camp?
Endurance Training Camp will help you build a strong foundation so that you can tackle longer workouts with confidence. This four-week program is comprised of four workouts each week, culminating in a 60-minute Endurance Row for World Water Day, on Sunday, March 22nd. The “Hour of Power” will be a great way to sweat in support of Water.org.

I just got my Hydrow, can I do it?
Yes. This program is accessible to everyone, but we highly recommended completing the Learn to Row series and Beginner Training Camp first to truly maximize your experience. 

Do I have to have completed all levels of Training Camp first?
No. Completing all three levels of Training Camp isn’t mandatory, but having a base level of rowing before starting this program is important — that’s why the Learn to Row series and Beginner Training Camp programs are a great starting point.

Do I have to complete the entire Endurance Training Camp program to participate in the 60-minute Endurance Row?
No. While the four-week program is designed to help prepare you for that 60-minute Endurance Row, it’s not required — anyone is welcome to join in support of Water.org for World Water Day.  

Is there a special Facebook group for this program?
No. The existing Hydrow Training Camp Facebook group will remain the best place to engage with other Hydrow community members to support one another and drive personal change. Whether you’re a new user getting started or an old-hand at rowing, this is the perfect place to share your stories, workouts, questions and ideas! You can join the Facebook group here

Do I need to sign up for Endurance Training Camp? Where can I find it on my Hydrow?
There’s no sign-up or registration necessary to participate.

Beginning February 24, simply scroll down on your Hydrow’s Home screen to the “Training Camp” section, and tap the Endurance Program track. If you still can’t locate the Endurance Training Camp workouts, check out the support article

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