Veterans Day: A Badge of Courage & Support

Kelly Johnson

This Veterans Day we’re celebrating the brave men and women who have served our country as well as their families with a special badge.

We live in a wonderful country - land of opportunity, home of the free, a place built upon the pursuit of happiness -  it is because of our Veterans, both current and past, that we can enjoy this privilege. Veterans Day is but one date dedicated to the celebration of these brave men and women, but we believe the support and appreciation should continue throughout the year. 

That’s why this Veterans Day, we’ve focused our attention on Veterans and their families with a new partnership that will continue for years to come. Hydrow is honored to be able to now offer military discounts through GovX, an organization dedicated to providing benefits and savings to those that serve our country, including veterans, active duty, retired military, reserves, military spouses and families, first responders, firefighters, police officers, government employees and more. 

Our 10% heroes discount is valid on the Hydrow rower, under machine mat, and the upright storage kit which allows you to store your Hydrow upright not in use. To access your GovX discount, visit The Hydrow Shop and enter your valid government ID information in the GovX ID widget found in your shopping cart. For additional details see our GovX Purchase Process FAQ. You can also access this discount by purchasing your Hydrow directly from GovX or through the Veterans Canteen Service (open to VA employees).

“We believe in this partnership to not just support our Veterans, but to also raise awareness of what these brave men, women, and their families, sacrifice for the wellbeing of our country.  We’re proud to bring this partnership to fruition,” shared Jon Gilson, Senior Director of New Business at Hydrow, who led the project. 

For everyone in our Hydrow community who would like to show their own appreciation and support for our country’s Vets, we have created a Veterans Day Badge of Honor Challenge. If you complete any workout of 20-minutes or longer on Veterans Day (Wednesday, November 11), whether on your Hydrow or via our iOS app, you’ll earn an exclusive badge to showcase your support. Also be sure to tune into the two Veterans Day Live Rows from Chattanooga, TN. 

Once you’ve earned your badge, share why you worked to earn it. Do you have family that served? Were you in the military? Are you a first responder? We’d love to hear your stories on Facebook, in Training Camp, or on Instagram using #HydrowBadgeofHonor.