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Why exercise half your body when Hydrow can give you a full body workout

While cycling only incorporates 44% of your muscles, Hydrow engages 86% of your muscles while combining cardio with strength training. Pay as low as $63/month with 0% APR plus free shipping. All orders come with a 30-day risk-free trial.


Get more work out of your workouts

Rather than just focusing on your legs, get the most efficient workout with 2x the caloric burn in half the time vs. cycling. With rowing you work your legs, abs, arms, and back giving you the total full body workout. Time to get to work.

Work out smarter, not harder

Say goodbye to that neck and shoulder cycling strain. Rowing is low-impact meaning it’s easy on the joints and even proven to improve bone density. It’s also both a cardio and full-body strength training workout. Now that’s working out smarter.

Your Hydrow membership gives you access to 2000+ live and on-demand workouts

Live Outdoor Reality with World-Class Athletes

Escape the studio and bring the outside in. Hydrow offers rowing workouts live streamed by our athletes directly on the water, giving you a fully immersive experience. Expect the unexpected.

On the Mat

More than just a rower, our on the mat workouts help to extend your physical fitness. From yoga and pilates to strength training and core challenges, there are plenty of ways to mix it up.

Unguided Journeys

Don’t want someone telling you what to do? We get it. Take your own path and row at your own pace. It’s just you and the water.

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