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Hydrow Athletes Dani and James rowing together out on the water with a bridge and city skyline faded in the background

Not just movement.
A movement.

Changing in-home fitness to a community experience without boundaries. Give your entire household access to a variety of incredible workouts that push your body and release your mind.

One of the best workouts on the planet

Rowing is both a cardio and strength training workout that engages 86% of your muscles – that’s nearly double the muscles you use for cycling and running. Meaning you’re getting as good of a workout in just half the time. It’s also low-impact and even improves bone density. And it’s okay if you’ve never tried it before, it only takes minutes to learn. You and your entire family can be up and rowing in no time.

Hydrow Athletes James and Mac rowing together out on the water in the background with a swan in the foreground

Live, outdoors, and refreshingly unexpected.

Without a controlled studio environment, expect the unexpected. You’ll have chance encounters with boats, sea creatures, and other surroundings as you sightsee while you sweat in breathtaking destinations around the globe.


World-class Athletes you come to know and love.

Our Athletes aren’t performers – they’re authentic competitors at the forefront of their sport. Out on the water, everything is on the table for conversation – from their own personal struggles to their favorite foods. But more than anything, our Athletes are skilled, inspirational coaches – pulling out of you more than you thought you had to give.

Diverse, dynamic workouts for rowing and beyond

Match your mood with our library of workouts — from workouts designed
to get your heart pumping and muscles burning, to meditative,
restorative rows. We even have workouts that get you off your Hydrow
and onto a mat for stretching and strength training.

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Live Workouts

Move in-sync with our Athletes in real time on the water

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Filter our library of 3000+ workouts to find whatever you’re looking for, on your schedule

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Unguided rows through scenic waterways let you explore at your own pace

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On the Mat

Yoga, Pilates, and strength training to complement your rowing

Distance rows

Distance rows

Reach new goals and test your performance with rows ranging from 250m to 10K

Man stretching while sitting on Hydrow Rower in light-filled home

In the same boat

In rowing, there’s no strength without unity. Working together in an inclusive environment is as essential to rowing as rivers and oars. We move in sync as one team. If we don’t, we won’t move forward. The Hydrow community is built upon encouragement and support. From pushing each other through milestones to celebrating victories together, we are a team.

More than a rower.

Hydrow offers an entire library of workouts beyond rowing that you can take on the Hydrow Screen or on your mobile device using the Hydrow app. Elite trainers lead you in yoga, pilates, and strength training to complement your rowing workouts.

Woman wearing a sari carrying a jug of water on her shoulder

You row. We donate.

Every single one of your rows counts towards a donation to Water.org – an organization that brings
clean, safe water to the developing world. You’ll find added motivation in knowing you’re rowing for
more than yourself.

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Close up of a person washing their hands

rowing machine

Lasting Power

A lot of in-home fitness machines end up eventually going unused, becoming expensive dust collectors. But we’ve found that our Hydrow community is an extraordinarily active one. That’s because we’ve built an experience that’s an ongoing journey – one with ups and downs. Rather than trying to push its way into your life, Hydrow pulls you in.

Close up of a person's hand scrolling through the Hydrow iOS app with a plant in the background
Wood floor boards

An experience enhanced by an app

The Hydrow App allows you to take workouts on-the-go, interact with the community, track your progress, and more. We also offer a Digital Basic membership for anyone interested in having access to the app without a Hydrow.

Hydrow Athlete Dani using a Hydrow Rower in a light-filled home

Shared experience

Hydrow comes with an entire community – one that shares, supports, and works together.

Hydrow Athlete Mike leaning back against fellow Hydrow Athlete Nick's knees while rowing together out on the water

Move, forward

We’ve come to understand that how we move is a good indicator of where we’re going.