Hydrow is HSA/FSA Eligible

Thanks to our partnership with Truemed, you can purchase a rowing machine with pre-tax dollars — saving you up to 30-40%! HSAs and FSAs let you spend tax-advantaged dollars on products or services that treat or prevent medical conditions.

How it works

How it works

Now that Hydrow is eligible, here’s how to take advantage:

Add a rower to your cart and check out as guest (not with Express Pay or Shop Pay).

Select Truemed as your payment option and enter your HSA/FSA debit card information.

Take a quick health survey to determine your eligibility. Once approved, you'll receive an order confirmation.

Note: You must check out as a guest to use Truemed, not Express Checkout or Shop Pay. This program is only available for one-time purchases, not monthly subscriptions. 

Hydrow Pro Rower

Our original stunning design

Quiet. Powerful.

Explore the Hydrow Pro Rower
Hydrow Pro Rower

Hydrow Wave Rower

30% smaller and lighter 

Ideal for small spaces

Explore the Hydrow Wave Rower
Hydrow Wave Rower

FAQs: HSA/FSA Eligibility through Truemed

If you want to use your HSA/FSA funds or credit card to purchase Hydrow or a Hydrow Annual Membership on Hydrow.com, your FSA/HSA administrator requires a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) to qualify for payment with those funds. Hydrow has partnered with Truemed to assist you with this process!

Please read the details below and follow the instructions provided here to use your FSA/HSA funds for your Hydrow purchase. 

The following could potentially qualify for HSA/FSA purchase through Truemed:

Hydrow products & services that currently cannot be purchased or reimbursed via this method:

  • Monthly membership payments.

  • Any headphone accessories including the Jaybird models on our website.

  • Apparel

  • Replacement parts

Using your HSA/FSA funds on eligible products can result in significant savings. These accounts use pre-tax dollars, which means you could save a significant amount (sometimes up to 30-40%) depending on your local tax rate. Note: Sales tax is still charged for purchases using HSA/FSA cards and is eligible to be paid with your HSA/FSA funds. 

For additional information on how HSA and FSA works with Hydrow and how to make a purchase using our partnership with TrueMed, please visit our support page.