Bring the outside in

A full-body workout and immersive experience that takes you on waterways around the world, all from your home.

As low as $62/month | 30-day risk-free trial
Hydrow Athlete Sera Moon using Hydrow Rower in an apartment
Front View of Hydrow Rower

Fitness powered by smooth, fluid movement and a community of friends, coaches, and teammates. This is more than a workout, this is an experience.

Hydrow Athletes Dani and James rowing together out on the water

Travel beautiful waterways around the globe with world-class athletes

With both live and on-demand classes from the water, the world is our studio. Hydrow’s immersive experience of sounds and sites transports you to beautiful, faraway lands. Choose from our growing list of destinations – from London to Scotland, to Miami, Boston, and beyond.

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A different kind of movement

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A better workout in half the time compared to cycling and running.

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Full-body Workout

Hydrow engages 86% of your muscles – that’s nearly double what you get from cycling or running.

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Low Impact

Rowing is smooth and rhythmic – it’s easy on the joints and even promotes bone density.

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Body & Mind

The fluid movement of rowing pushes the body and releases the mind.

Hydrow Rower view of handle
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In a league of its own

Design-forward beauty aside, the Hydrow is a technological wonder. With an ultra-smooth electromagnetic, computer-controlled drag system, it’s the closest thing to being on the water. Its patented, one-of-a-kind components make the Hydrow truly unlike any rowing machine that’s come before it.

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Woman getting ready to use Hydrow Rower
Hydrow Rower side view

Beyond Rowing

With Pilates, mobility, and strength training, our On The Mat workouts ensure you’re getting full-body fitness. Take classes right from your Hydrow screen or on-the-go using the Hydrow app.

Hydrow Athlete Aquil stretching on the floor