Ergatta Rower Review: How Does it Compare to the Hydrow?


If you’re in the market for an indoor rower, you’ve likely encountered the Ergatta rowing machine, which is one of many different water rowing machines on the market. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know which to choose as you navigate the different variables and factors that determine the best rowing machine for you. Features like size, style, and incorporated technology will all make a difference in how your workout equipment suits you. 

Of course, we're inclined to believe our Hydrow rower is the best of the best when it comes to finding the best rowing machine. To put that to the test, we're going to compare it to the Ergatta rower in this Ergatta rowing machine review. 

Let's take a look at the Ergatta rower, all of its features, and its pros and cons. Then we’ll talk about how it compares to our original Hydrow rower to determine which of these rowers is most worth it. 

Let’s get started! 

Ergatta rowing machine: Full review

The Ergatta rower is a piece of workout equipment that takes a gamified approach to a rowing workout. Similar to other immersive, connected workout equipment like Hydrow or Peloton, the Ergatta rower allows users to participate in a variety of workout rowing classes from the comfort of home. 

Ergatta rower features

Here are the main features that define the Ergatta rower:

  • Dimensions: 7’ long x 2’ wide and can be folded to 2' x 2' when not in use for easier storage.

  • Materials: The Ergatta is made of solid cherrywood.

  • Technology: 

    • A low-maintenance water tank for water resistance rowing workouts.

    • Nylon drive strap ensures the machine stays silent during use.

    • 17.3" touchscreen display gives users access to thousands of endurance, conditioning, recovery, HIIT workout programs, community games, and races.

    • Screen can also display views of rivers from the U.S., Europe, and Asia, workout data, and other features.

  • Weight limit: Can support individuals up to 500 pounds and 6'8" in height

  • Manufacturing data: 

    • Ergatta fitness equipment is handmade in the USA

  • Ergatta can be assembled by yourself, but home-assembly options are available 

  • Ergatta comes with a 30-day risk-free trial at home, with a full refund

Ergatta rower pros 

First thing first, let’s take a look at the positives: 

  • Overall: The Ergatta is a great workout machine for individuals looking for a stylish, low-maintenance piece of workout equipment that gamifies the workout experience. 

  • Screen: The main thing Ergatta users love about this machine is its screen and software. Ergatta memberships offer a wide range of different workouts, so you can find the perfect workout program for you. 

  • Fitness goals: This machine calibrates to you and your fitness goals, allowing you to take a progress-oriented approach to up your fitness level. Engage in rewarding video game-style workout programs, like a race workout, games like meteor workouts, or even live competitions. An Ergatta workout is designed to be fun; the perfect blend of a workout meets a video game. 

  • Design. Many Ergatta users are huge fans of the stylish look of this indoor rowing machine made of beautiful cherrywood. The brand claims that it’s low maintenance to set up and use. It's also easy to store if you don’t have a dedicated space for exercise equipment, as it’s able to fold up to a 2’ x 2’ size and be put away until needed for future workouts.

Ergatta rower cons 

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to consider for the Ergatta rower as well, including: 

  • Lack of variety: While the Ergatta experience found on their software platform is well-loved by some users, it has its limitations for others. One of the biggest complaints users have about the Ergatta is that while it does have a variety of exercises on the Ergatta platform, it lacks instructor-led workout videos. 

  • Limited routines: While there are lots of games to win, there aren't routines with instructors to mimic and follow along. Its workouts are also limited to those that use the machine, with no additional mat workouts to pair with rowing workouts. This can be a big drawback for some users who want a video membership that offers more than video game-style exercises or scenic views. 

  • Limited content: This lack of diverse content can be especially bad for beginner rowers looking to start their first-ever rowing workout with the Ergatta. While competitive rowers might be able to approach the Ergatta with proper form, a new user might struggle without that visual aid of a person performing rowing techniques, something they'd see with an instructor-led workout on different platforms. 

Ergatta rower pricing

The Ergatta rowers on their own come in at $2,249.00 USD. Ergatta also offers bundles at higher price points with additional features, such as mats, gloves, straps, and seat cushions. 

In addition, Ergatta users also need to pay a monthly membership fee if they want to access workout programs on the Ergatta app. These memberships start at $29 per month, with discounts for annual, three-year, and five-year membership purchases. 

How do the Ergatta and Hydrow compare?

Now that we've thoroughly reviewed the Ergatta, it's time to ask: Is this rower worth the price,  especially when compared to other systems like the Hydrow?  Here’s how the Hydrow and Ergatta rowing machines compare: 

  • Style. Like the Ergatta, the Hydrow is a beautiful machine that makes a great addition to any home gym setup. The original Hydrow rower is a sleek, compact machine, measuring 86″L x 25″W x 47″H. Alternatively, the Hydrow wave rower is a compact rowing machine version measuring 80”L x 19”W x 43”H that can be stored upright with the Vertical Anchor (sold separately) to fold up to 26.5”W x 30”D x 82”H.

  • Materials. The Hydrow is made of a solid aluminum and steel frame and promises smooth and near-silent operation. It also features a larger 22" screen, providing users with 4,000+ video workout programs. 

  • Variety in content. Unlike the Ergatta, the Hydrow offers a lot more variety in content. The instructor-led content is better for beginners looking to build proper form for the first time. Plus, the Hydrow also offers on-the-mat workouts for things like pilates and yoga in addition to rowing training on the machine. 

  • Weight savings. Hydrow’s lack of a water tank makes it significantly lighter and easier to move. These machines can also fold upright for storage, making them perfect for use in home gyms with limited space.

"My personal preference is the Hydrow because it means that I don’t have to deal with the issue of adjusting the water level. The instructor-led training programs on the Hydrow are also superior to what you can get on the Ergatta. In addition, the seat is higher and the foot pedals are wider apart, making for a more ergonomic design that is easier to get onto and that provides a more natural rowing action.”

Ergatta vs. Hydrow

Ergatta rower vs Hydrow rower: Final choice

With these comparisons in mind, when it comes to buying a rowing machine for your home gym, we have to give it up to Hydrow. 

All bias aside, there is a lot to love about the Hydrow that the Ergatta lacks! We appreciate that the Hydrow is a compact, easy-to-use rowing machine perfect for large gyms and home gyms alike. The Hydrow’s sleek steel frame provides a more modern look when compared to the wood of the Ergatta.

“When I put the Hydrow vs Ergatta to the test, I can’t help but feel a tug towards the Hydrow. I like sleek and modern-looking designs, I love what feels like a true-life rowing experience via the monitor, and I personally love the instructors.”

Ergatta vs. Hydrow

Most importantly, the Hydrow has a larger screen, and better content comes with it. We have to give the Hydrow points for a stronger collection of workout program content. Where the Ergatta offers gamified workouts, Hydrow offers a lot more variety, including instructor-led content, races, timed trials, public competitive games, and additional mat workouts to incorporate alongside your rowing. This makes it a much stronger choice when looking for a machine that can provide an overall full-body workout. 

The Hydrow gives you a much better workout program content on a beautiful, high-quality machine. In our opinion, it doesn’t get much better than that. 

Investing in Hydrow

 Want to dig in more on Hydrow and our incredible machines? Learn more about the Hydrow Rower and Hydrow Wave Rower today!