Hydrow's 4-Week Rowing Beginner Training Camp

Pete Donohoe

Hydrow’s rowing workout series Beginner Training Camp will help you to feel healthier, stronger, and motivated to continue building healthy habits. This camp is a great fit for anyone interested in the early stages of their rowing journey or jump-starting their workout routine with an approachable and easy-to-follow program.   

The Beginner Training Camp is a four-week program consisting of 12 rows (suggested pace is three rows per week for four weeks). Rowing three times a week builds the foundation of a workout routine and allows you to see the incredible benefits of this full-body exercise. 

During this program, the rows gradually increase in duration from 10 minutes up to 20 minutes. This allows you to feel comfortable and confident rowing for longer periods of time.

The Beginner Training Camp is also an excellent introduction to the Hydrow experience. As you progress, you’ll get to try different workout types—Breathe, Sweat, and Drive—as well as a variety of workout styles from Endurance and Technique to HIIT. 

You’ll also workout with many of Hydrow’s Athletes in different destinations, giving you the opportunity to experience different Athletes’ styles and some of the beautiful sights that Hydrow’s workout library has to offer.

Our Athletes have taken extra care to make these rows approachable so that you’ll be supported as you have fun exploring all kinds of workout structures. You’ll be encouraged throughout the workout as the leading Athlete reminds you of proper rowing form to truly set you up for success.

Finally, at the end of the program, you’ll wrap up with our Baseline Assessment, which is a five-minute row at maximum effort. The purpose of this row is to measure your current fitness level, your “baseline”, so you can use that information to improve your future workouts. 

Based on your results from the Baseline Assessment, we’ll send an email with your personalized split ranges that you can target in future rows. Having these split ranges will help you pace and challenge yourself so you can leave each future row feeling your best. 

While the Beginner Training Camp is the perfect next step if you’ve already completed our Learn to Row or Fitness Builder Program, it’s also a great option for any Hydrow member interested in starting or getting back into a routine. Not only that, but after completing all 12 rows, you’ll celebrate your achievement with a shiny, new Beginner Training Camp badge!

To get started, you can find Beginner Training Camp by scrolling down on the Hydrow home screen until you reach the Training Camp section. For more details, check out our support article. We can’t wait to see you on the water!