Introducing: Fitness Builder Program

Pete Donohoe

2020 was a hard year for everyone -- no matter who you are, or what you have gone through, there was no way to anticipate the tension, stress, and emotion of the past year. For some, fitness was a constant through the months of quarantine, and for others, it was halted, and that’s totally okay. Now, looking to 2021, we are excited about every single chance we get to workout together. Every minute that you are moving with (or without) Hydrow is a huge success and we are going to celebrate each and every win with you. 

Our new Fitness Builder Program was created to give you a strong fitness foundation and some insight into Hydrow on-water workouts while moving steadily through different aspects of the rowing motion. 

This nine-workout program is designed to fit into any schedule, with sessions ranging from 10 to 15 minutes. The goal? Showing up for yourself, experiencing the positive energy of our Athletes, and jumpstarting your Hydrow journey. Whether you’re new to Hydrow, getting back into a fitness routine, or just looking for a quick break in your day, these workouts will leave you feeling great. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Fitness Builder Program:

When will Fitness Builder be available on-Hydrow and where can I find them? 

Starting on Friday, January 1, 2021, our Fitness Builder program will be added to the Hydrow on-demand library. There’s no sign-up or registration necessary to participate. You can start any time you feel ready. 

To find this program, simply scroll down on your Hydrow’s home screen to the Programs section, then tap the Fitness Builder track.

What are the Fitness Builder workouts? 

The nine workouts in the Fitness Builder program were designed to be short and efficient workouts at accessible rhythm numbers for everyone. Each one of these workouts is led by one of our on-water Athletes and aims to set you up for success in the world of Hydrow. 

Check out the nine Fitness Builder workouts below: 

1 - Let’s Get Going Row with Dani Hani - 10-minute Breathe 2 - Steady Row with Aquil - 10-minute Breathe 3 - Every Day Counts Row with Laine - 10-minute Sweat 4 - Show Up For You Row with Michelle - 10-minute Breathe  5 - Actions Add Up Row with Sera Moon - 15-minute Breathe  6 - Focus On Today Row with Nick - 15-minute Sweat 7 - Relax and Move Row with James - 15-minute Breathe 8 - Strength and Energy Row with Mike - 15-minute Sweat  9 - Mini Milestones Row with Mac - 15-minute Drive 

What sets Fitness Builder workouts apart from other on-demand workouts?

Fitness Builder workouts are designed for anyone and everyone - no matter your level of fitness. The focus for these workouts is to get moving, to celebrate your accomplishments, and to ease into (or back into) the world of Hydrow. Rather than focus on the leaderboard, the focus is on your movement -- how you’re feeling and how you can improve your rowing stroke. But don’t think that these workouts are easy… you’ll be surprised how sweaty you can get at lower rhythm numbers when you focus on form and technique. 

Are these the only Fitness Builder-style workouts available? 

No! Beginning in January, we will be releasing two Fitness Builder workouts every week. Check out the on-demand library every Monday and Wednesday for the newest Fitness Builder workout.

I just completed the Learn to Row series, should I do Fitness Builder or Beginner Training Camp next? 

Unless you are experienced on a rowing machine, we recommend trying Fitness Builder after you complete the Learn to Row series. If you do the first workout in the program and want to keep going, feel free to complete the second Fitness Builder workout in the same sitting. The Fitness Builder workouts were designed to kickstart your Hydrow experience, no matter where you are on your personal fitness journey. 

I am a Hydrow Digital Basic user, can I do the Fitness Builder program? 

Yes and no. While you can only access Hydrow programs on the Hydrow rowing machine, our Digital Basic members have access to our entire on-demand library. If you are a Digital Basic member and are interested in completing our Fitness Builder program, you can complete the workouts by locating them in the on-demand library. 

Learn more about Hydrow Digital Basic here and download our iOS app here

Every time you sit down on your Hydrow is a win. Share your progress on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #HydrowWinTheDay so we can celebrate along with you See you on the water!