Hydrow for the Holidays

Leanne Yenush

In a year marked by distance, there has never been more of a need for connection and community. Hydrow is all about the shared experience of working out together-- rowing in synchrony with our Athletes, holding that plank On the Mat, celebrating milestones with teammates, and so much more. 

But, the community that we are building would be very little without the employees working behind the scenes at Hydrow every single day. Ahead of the holiday season, we asked our team to nominate someone special in their lives to be gifted a Hydrow -- someone who has helped shape them to be the hardworking, committed, and compassionate people that they are today. 

This year, we gifted six Hydrows to some very deserving people. Learn a bit more about the amazing people who have shaped the lives of our employees and see why we thought they deserved a Hydrow for the Holidays… 

Sera Moon Busse, Hydrow Athlete & Becka Smith, Sera Moon’s close family friend 

Tyler Hutchison, Senior Electrical Engineer & Mary Hutchison, Tyler’s mother

Andrew Cabral, Senior Manager of Inbound Sales & David Hawkes, Andrew’s cousin 

Joanne Chan Bazzoli, Senior Accountant & Hsui-Lan Chang, Joanne’s mother-in-law

Adrienne Denaro, Copywriter & Nancy Peet Denaro, Adrienne’s mother

Lauren Leary, Digital Marketing Manager & Cindy Horgan, Lauren’s close family friend

We're so excited to welcome these wonderful people to the Hydrow crew!