Join our World Water Day Challenge

Leanne Yenush

World Water Day, held annually on March 22, celebrates the importance of water and helps raise awareness for the millions of people around the world who lack access to safe water and sanitation. Because of our partnership with, this is an important topic to us. Not only do we make a donation to for every 25 days you work out, in honor of World Water Day 2022, we’ll make an additional donation when you complete our challenge. 

To earn your badge and an additional donation for, complete the three rows we’ve selected below between 5 am ET on Tuesday, March 15th and 5 pm ET on Tuesday, March 29th.

These workouts have been handpicked for their scenic waterways in honor of this important holiday. We’ve also included a brand new type of row called a Guided Journey. Enjoy the scenic sights and sounds you’ve come to expect during a Journey row while Hydrow Athlete Mac Evans vocally guides you through a beautiful visual journey.  

Find these rows by filtering your Workout Style by World Water Day beginning March 15th

1. 10-min Journey “Waterways Around the World Row” row: Celebrate World Water Day with Hydrow as you row through Florida, South Carolina, the United Kingdom, and Massachusetts.

2. 20-min “Guided Journey” row with Mac: New to Hydrow! Experience our first-ever guided Journey. Establish a connection between your mind and muscles with Mac in this vocally-guided Journey with a dance playlist. 

3. 1,000-Meter Straits of Florida Distance row: Go the distance in Key Largo and row 1,000 meters at your own pace. Challenge yourself or take it easy, the choice is yours.

Every Hydrow donation to helps provide long-term access to safe water and sanitation for people around the globe. With 771 million people lacking access to safe water (that’s nearly 1 in 10), each donation counts. In fact, as a Hydrow community, together we’ve empowered more than 77,000 people with access to safe water solutions so far. Let’s make that number even more impactful!

Share reaching your goal with us!

If you enjoyed these three rows, love the badge you earned, or took pride in having earned another donation to help grant water access to those in need, we want to hear about it. Share your success on social media and in Training Camp using @Hydrow #FeeltheHydrowHigh.