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April 12, 2019

Making An Impact Together

Hydrow workouts are meant to make you feel good — not just because you’re getting a great sweat, but also because each and every day that you work out with Hydrow, you’re making a difference. All year long, for every 25 days you work out with Hydrow, a donation is made to our partners at Water.org, granting long-term access to safe water and sanitation for one person facing water scarcity.

So how do your workouts with Hydrow actually make a difference? Here’s a look into the incredible work our partners at Water.org are doing, thanks in part to the donations generated by the Hydrow community.

Water Scarcity: A Global Issue

There are 785 million (1 in 9) people globally who live without access to safe water, while over 2 billion (1 in 3) people lack access to indoor sanitation. Women and children bear the primary responsibility for water collection — they spend a combined 200 million hours collecting water, and 266 million hours finding a place to use the bathroom every day. Women and children sacrifice their time, health and safety to collect water, leaving them with little time for work, school or to care for their families.

Solutions that Last

Water.org works to bring water and sanitation to the world, striving to make water safe, accessible and cost-effective. The solutions that the organization implements are designed to alleviate the significant strain these individuals face in collecting water, and to dramatically improve their quality of life. The key to these efforts? Affordable financing.

By granting recipients small, mangeable loans, they’re able to make big changes in their lives, like adding a toilet to their home or building a water collection system on their property. This empowers recipients to change their own lives; instead of spending time collecting water, that time can instead be invested elsewhere, like education, starting a small business, or caring for their families. These aren’t quick and temporary fixes; they’re intended to create lasting changes that empower recipients to pursue dreams and initiatives that can fundamentally change their lives. 

Access through Empowerment

Water scarcity is a complex issue and looks different for everyone. The need varies based on an individual’s unique circumstances and geographic location. This means that the solutions recipients implement with their financial assistance from Water.org all look a little different. 

For Narwoga and Mubiru in Uganda, it meant financing a 10,000-liter rain catchment tank for their property. Instead of multiple trips to collect water daily, or being forced to buy costly water from vendors, the family now is able to keep their small roadside shop open for more hours, earning more money for their family. For Thy and his wife in Cambodia, it meant installing a water well and filter so that their daughters could attend school instead of spending hours and risking their safety retrieving water. And for Glaucia and her family in Brazil, a small loan allowed her to build a bathroom in her home, providing a safe, private and healthy place that alleviates health and hygiene concerns for her whole family. 

While their needs may look different, one thing is universal: reliable, sustained access to water and sanitation changes everything. 

It’s through partnerships like ours — and donations and hardwork like yours — that have allowed Water.org to reach more than 33 million people globally. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work together as a community to support a cause that’s far bigger than ourselves. 

For more information about the Water.org and our shared efforts to end the global water crisis, visit www.water.org

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