Training with a Triathlete: Bec Wilcock’s Rowing Journey on Hydrow

Leanne Yenush

Runners, crossfitters, triathletes, and rowers use Hydrow for their various training needs. That’s why former Australian Sprint Triathlete National Champion, Bec Wilcock, loves using her Hydrow for personal training. In addition, she is a Nike Coach and athletic training advisor to Ladder Sports Nutrition, working alongside Lebron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Hydrow’s newest Athlete, Aisyah Rafaee, has also been training and testing her endurance to prepare for the Boston Marathon on April 18th. Aisyah caught up with Bec to discuss all things training and Hydrow for her upcoming races in 2022.

Aisyah: How do you balance your various roles- as a leader, a mum, a business owner, a coach? WOW!

Bec Wilcock: I wear many hats! The way I balance this is by - first, keeping myself holistically healthy. Second, planning a daily and yearly schedule. I have multitasking skills, but I like to wear one hat at a time during the day and weeks. Third, I’ve created great support systems and teams. 

I wouldn’t have the success I have today without my family, friends, business partner and co-workers. I’m very grateful for all the wonderful people in my life.

Aisyah: When did you first start using a rower to cross train? Why did you begin incorporating rowing into your fitness routine?

Bec Wilcock: I’ve been using a rower for the past 15 years. Rowing is a great way to get a full body workout - it builds power, strength and endurance!

Aisyah: Why is it so important for a triathlete to cross train

Bec Wilcock: To keep fit, work different muscle groups and get off your feet. 

Aisyah: What is it about Hydrow that sets it apart from other rowers or other methods you’ve used for training in the past?

Bec Wilcock: It’s a smooth ride, you get trained by Athletes and the Hydrow community is very inclusive.

Aisyah: You are currently into long distance running, what keeps you going? Is there a mantra that you tell yourself on your long runs?

Bec Wilcock: Long distance running is just as much physical as it is mental. To keep going, I train correctly for every race, have positive self talk and look after myself with good nutrition.

Oh and I “smile every mile!”

Aisyah: What do you do to keep training fun?

Bec Wilcock: I train with the Hydrow community, Her Trails and Her Sports, AND I always make sure I slot a “play day” into my week. Adults need to play just as much as kids do, so mix up your training and do something fun once a week.

Aisyah: What are some of your proudest accomplishments and achievements as triathlete?

Bec Wilcock: My proudest accomplishments are not from racing success, it’s from the dedication that I put into the training journey. I’ve been constantly training from a young age of 12, this has helped me develop many skills, mentally and physically. 

So, my proudest achievement is consistency. 

But if I wanted to brag, I would say, I still hold the under 7s record for the fastest 50m Brest-stroke and the women's record, in a team of 6, for the The Speed Project in 2019. We ran 340 miles from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Back in 2016, I was a starter at the infamous Barkley Marathon.

Aisyah: In your triathlon training, or just for fun, what have been some of your favorite places to run or favorite running trails? 

Bec Wilcock:  I love Lake Tahoe, Blue Mountains in Australia, Malibu, and Carmel by the sea.

Aisyah: What are your upcoming goals for 2022?

Bec Wilcock: As a triathlete, I always am training for the next event. I have a few races on the calendar this year, which is super exciting! I started the year off with a 50km and a 30km race, next up is a 100km and the Malibu Triathlon.

Aisyah: What would you say to the aspiring athletes reading this, who want to take themselves to the next level?

Bec Wilcock: Keep learning, believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to try something that you could possibly fail at.

Be sure to follow Bec on Instagram and on-Hydrow @becwilcock to keep up with her cross training journey and marathon prep.