Feature Focus: Leaderboard

Leanne Yenush

“I’m addicted to the leaderboard — but it’s not just about seeing my own ranking. I love seeing who’s on the water with me and how they’re doing. Seeing a familiar username on the leaderboard is just like rowing past someone you recognize out on the river. You share this common bond, and feel a connection to them, even if you don’t know them personally… and that’s really special.” — Robyn, Hydrow Beta Tester

Research has shown time and time again that people are happier and healthier when they are connected to others. At Hydrow, we are committed to building a community that helps people live healthier lives — physically and mentally.

Working Towards Healthier Lives, Together Rowing isn’t just an effective workout that engages up to 86% of your muscles. It requires everyone in a boat to find the same rhythm and move in synchronicity with their crew, fostering a strong and committed team dynamic. Hydrow allows users to experience that same sense of camaraderie and teamwork, so that wherever they are, they feel connected and supported by their team. The leaderboard isn’t just a way to see how you’re ranking against others on the water -- it’s an important reminder that regardless of who you are or where you’re rowing from, you are a part of a team, and your presence on that team matters. Here’s a look at what the leaderboard looks like during a row: Holding Ourselves — and Each Other — Accountable Your presence on the water matters because your team is relying on you, rooting for you, and working right alongside you. When we feel like an integral part of a team, that shared sense of responsibility helps keep us accountable. We’re not just showing up for ourselves — we’re showing up because our team is counting on us to do our part, so we can all achieve more — together.

A Community That Cares Rowing is part of the rhythm of our daily lives. Our community and personal goals are propelled by that rhythm. Together, we’re creating a community that supports each and every member, building each other up, celebrating achievements and milestones together, and challenging one another to strive for our best.

Whether you choose to row by yourself or in a team boat, or whether your goals are competitive or personal, Hydrow is moving with you — every stroke of the way.