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Feature Update: Favoriting Workouts

October 9, 2020

We have the announcement you’ve all been waiting for and we think it’s going to be your favorite. Quite literally. Thanks to so many great suggestions from our community, we’ve added a new feature to your Hydrow rower and iOS App – the ability to “favorite” workouts so you can easily find the ones you love. Better yet, it’s really easy to use. 

On your Hydrow, look for the star icon in the upper right corner of each workout tile. You can spot it in either the grid or when you click to read more about that workout before you select “Row” to get started. An empty star outline means you’ve not yet selected that workout as a favorite. If you’d like to, just tap it with your finger and viola!, it will be added to your collection. It will now look like a solid filled-in star. 

The same goes on the Hydrow app: same placement, same functionality. The only difference between the two experiences is where to find your favorites later. On your Hydrow, go to our Library – there you’ll see the standard tabs for selecting by Athlete, Duration, Workout Type and Location, only now there’s a new first place tab with a star on it (to the left of the Athlete dropdown). Tap it and it will pull up all the workouts you’ve favorited. You can also make selections under the other tabs, as usual, to further filter your results using multiple categories. So cool, right?

On your iOS App, tap the filter icon on the top right corner of your screen (right next to your profile picture) – it kind of looks like a funnel. Now you’ll see that handy list of workout types just like the Hydrow Library. The first new button on the list will have a star and say Favorites. That’s the place.

This was one of the most requested features from you, our valued members, so we’re really excited to bring it to life. You don’t just have to use it to favorite workouts you’ve already completed either, you can use it to plan future workouts you’d like to try. So next time you’re sitting somewhere bored and scrolling through your phone, check out all of our workouts and save ones you haven’t done yet using the star feature. Next time you hop on your Hydrow, they’ll be there in your favorites list for you. (And if you don’t love that workout, just click the star icon again to deactivate it. Poof! Gone.) 

So convenient. So easy. So… do we get a star for our efforts? Let us know in our Hydrow Training Camp group on Facebook. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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