Feature Update: Heart Rate Monitor

Kelly Johnson

Starting today, you can now pair your Bluetooth heart rate monitor with Hydrow. We chatted with Andrea Toro, Hydrow Software QA Lead, about why she’s excited for Hydrow’s new feature. Q: Why are you excited for the heart rate monitor feature on Hydrow? A: A heart rate monitor is a great way to measure the intensity of a workout. I love being on Hydrow and seeing my current heart rate on the row screen. It tells me if I’m pushing too hard, or taking it too easy. Q: What types of heart rate monitors currently work with Hydrow? A: Hydrow works with Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitors. It currently does not seem work with heart rate monitors that require a PIN or ANT+ enabled devices. Q: What are your favorite heart rate monitors out there today to use with Hydrow? A: I like the Scosche rhythm+. The ease of slipping it onto my forearm is really convenient. The Wahoo Tickr also integrates seamlessly. I also enjoyed testing Hydrow with the Polar H7. Q: How do I get my heart rate monitor connected to Hydrow? A: Just tap on your chosen row and tap on Connected Devices on the preview screen. The box will expand and tap Heart Rate Monitor. From there tap Pair New Device at the bottom. You will need to push the button on your heart rate monitor to activate pairing. Once it’s pairs, just hit the back arrows and click row. The next time you're ready to row just turn on your heart rate monitor and it should pair automatically. Q: What’s your favorite memory of 2019 so far (other than shipping our first Hydrow?!) A: Being in France to see the US Women win the World Cup! Andrea is an engineer, soccer player and Hydrow rower. She is also currently training for the New York City Marathon! If you want to learn more about connecting a Heart Rate Monitor to Hydrow you can click on the articles below: What Heart Rate Monitors Work with Hydrow? How to Pair a New Bluetooth Heartrate Monitor with Hydrow