Feature Update: Sort and filter your workout history

Leanne Yenush

Whether you set a specific goal or are simply motivated to feel healthier, many of us strive to improve our fitness over time. No matter what you hope to achieve on your fitness journey, it can be exciting to look back on what you have accomplished. New in the Hydrow app, you can now sort and filter your workout history to see your progress and compare stats across workouts you’ve already completed. 

To take advantage of this new feature, visit your History under the Activity tab in your iOS or Android app. From there you can filter your workouts based on Workout Type and Duration. You can also sort based on exciting criteria such as  your most recent workouts, highest meters, lowest split, and highest calorie burn!

This feature makes it possible to quickly find workouts you’ve done in the past and compare your performance in a way that is meaningful to you. For an additional motivational boost, you can use this capability to find your personal records (PRs) — which are perfect for when you want to compete against yourself or set new goals for your next workout.

No matter where you are in your Hydrow journey, we’re excited to deliver this frequently requested feature that enables you to take your progress into your own hands. Don’t forget to celebrate with your Hydrow crew at every milestone along the way!

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