Join Us for an All-New Hydrow Destination: New Zealand

Bri Hand

At Hydrow, we’re committed to bringing our members new and exciting workouts in stunning destinations from around the world. We’re thrilled to share that starting in June, our workouts are headed down under to the beautiful waterways of Queenstown, New Zealand! 

New Zealand is well known for its gorgeous landscapes and thrilling adventure scene, making it a prime destination for those looking to take it to the next level in their rowing workouts.

Join Hydrow Athletes Aisyah, Aquil, Mac, and Mike as they guide you through workouts on Lake Wakatipu, Frankton Arm, and Lake Hayes. These workouts will motivate you to try something new and break out of your comfort zone, all while taking in your surroundings and appreciating the natural beauty around you.

Mac sums up the spirit of these special workouts: “After doing some rowing in New Zealand, I think you’ll find a new appreciation for our environment and motivation to seek out the natural beauty in our everyday life.”

Experience this incredible destination yourself

Our New Zealand workouts will begin to drop on your Hydrow and in the Hydrow app on June 5, with a second wave of workouts releasing later in the summer. To find these workouts, just filter by Location: New Zealand. 

Plus, it wouldn’t be a destination challenge without a unique badge to earn — complete any workout from New Zealand to add this badge to your collection.

Q&A: Learn more about New Zealand from our Hydrow Athletes

Looking for the insider scoop? Hear from our Athletes about what you can expect from these new workouts and what it was like filming and exploring New Zealand: 

What will Hydrow members find most exciting about these new workouts?

Aquil: New Zealand is a visually stunning country with an extremely interesting history — and while you may not see a lot of sheep in our workouts, you'll have an awesome time learning a bit about some Maori traditions and hearing about our athlete adventures! 

Mac: The color! This was some of the bluest water I’ve ever rowed on, along with the fall foliage that painted a lot of the surrounding mountains. There were many times while we were on the water rowing where I had to just stop, look around, and take in the views.

Aisyah: Hydrow members will love getting to soak in the New Zealand beauty with us and learn more about this country. There are also remarkable workouts and lots of outdoors talk about the island culture and why New Zealand athletes are so successful. 

Mac: Queenstown is known for its natural beauty and adventure sports and is commonly referred to as the “Adrenaline Capital of the World.” These workouts embody everything Queenstown is about — being active, spending time in nature, and taking some risks. 

What were some of the most memorable parts of filming in New Zealand?

Mac: I'll always remember the day we took out a quad on Lake Hayes. It was the first time I had been in a quad with Aisyah, Mike, and Aquil, and it was a lot of fun to sync up as a team and get some strokes in together with the fall foliage and rural landscape surrounding us. It was pouring rain that day and we were completely soaked, but we somehow managed to have lots of laughs!

Aisyah: I loved rowing on beautiful bodies of water and being surrounded by the most beautiful mountains. 

Mike: The most memorable part of this trip will be working together as a team, being able to support (and get support from) Aquil while rowing someplace not usually accessible to rowing craft, and being able to capture it all for members! 

What was the favorite workout you led in New Zealand, and why?

Mike: I particularly enjoyed the Club 26 in New Zealand Row. The theme was built around the Maori idea of Tiaki, which is to care for people and place, to tread lightly, to leave no trace, and to respect culture and travel with an open heart.

Another favorite was the New Zealand Facts Row. This was filmed at the end of the day rowing alongside the mountains in some of the calmest, flattest water. I think it really showcased the beauty of the area.

Aisyah: My favorite was the New Zealand Challenge Row, working out to the Haka!

Mac: One of my favorite workouts from New Zealand was my Mount Hydrow Row on Lake Wakatipu. The waters were a little bumpy at the start and we faced some big swells, but we kept pushing forward. 

About halfway through, when we made it around the bend, the conditions were like a dream. I couldn’t hide my excitement around the tranquil blue waters, and I’ll never forget turning around and seeing a huge mountain range behind me peeking through the clouds. I was just in awe. I felt like I was in a Bob Ross painting! 

Aquil: My favorite workout was the 10-minute Welcome to New Zealand Row. We got to see a lot of Queenstown, and I had the chance to talk about the impact that being in New Zealand had on me. 

What else did you do for fun while you were in New Zealand?

Mike: Four of us rented mountain bikes and rode around the paths by the lake in Queenstown.

Aquil: Hiking at Coronet Peak was pretty awesome! The views of rainbows were really stunning. Other than that, bungee jumping was pretty amazing — it was something I never expected to do, and it was pretty cool that we did it as a team. 

Mac: We devoured some New Zealand pies from the famous Fergbaker! A lot of Hydrow members actually reached out to us while we were there and told us to check out Fergburger. The mince and cheese pie was my favorite. It was a great way to refuel after rowing and exploring the city.

Ready to row?

Gear up for some workouts that will take your breath away — both literally and figuratively — and explore our library of brand-new workouts in New Zealand today! 

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