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Amanda Crawford

Travel the world with us! This week we’re bringing you to Ireland with Pete, Christie, and Owen where you’ll explore Dublin, Ballinrush, and the rugged shorelines of Achill Island. You can expect new mobility, strength, Pilates, and yoga workouts from Ireland in your library starting this Monday, June 27th where Pete will kick it off with a 15-minute “Welcome to Ireland Mobility” workout.

Ireland is a special destination for our crew since it happens to be the homeland of our own Hydrow Athlete and Director of Fitness, Pete Donohoe. We sat down with Pete to learn more about his story, and why he’s excited for you to sweat with him in our newest destination:

Tell us about your experience growing up in Ireland.

I was born and raised in a little suburb outside of Dublin called Howth. I remember my Mom dragged me kicking and screaming to ballet and Irish step dancing lessons because that was the only thing we had in the neighborhood. So I did dance for a few years until I switched to a new school and then played rugby where I was able to outrun most of the kids on the field. This eventually led me to pursue track and field where I competed at a national and international level, and an injury denied me an Olympic Games qualification in 1992. After receiving an invitation from a fellow athlete to pursue tryouts for Bobsledding in Austria, the door was opened to pursue an Olympic Bobsledding career. It turns out my dance teachers taught me so much about what I needed to know about movement, coordination, and strength, that would ultimately become the foundation that I needed to represent Ireland in the Olympic games. I’m fortunate to be one of the few athletes in Ireland that has competed at world class level as a track athlete, and has also competed at two Olympic Games as a winter athlete.

What was your experience like traveling back to Ireland?

This trip is so special not just because I’m able to be here with Hydrow but because we were able to film in Howth! The town of Howth holds many great childhood memories, from riding my bike with friends, swimming off the pier, and spending time discovering life. It’s been 4 years since I’ve been back in Ireland, and this visit gave me the opportunity to connect with family. Since the passing of my Dad, a year and a half ago, we’ve not been able to get together and say our goodbyes to him. In Ireland there’s this old saying ‘What’s the difference between an Irish wedding and an Irish funeral?’ ‘The funeral has one less person!’ This is because our culture treats the passing of a family member with celebration for the life they lived and the people they’ve impacted. While there’s sadness for a loss, there’s coming together, remembering and celebrating. 

Like father like son, Pete seen here with his Dad.

Why are you excited to workout with Hydrow Members in this location?

I love working with Hydrow Members because I have a greater opportunity to help people make changes with their mobility, functional movement, and fitness. All of this ultimately contributes to longevity which ultimately means a happier, more joyful, and more functionally active life. This is ultimately why I love the work that I do, because it gives people the opportunity to take back a little bit more of their life in their hands. 

I’m specifically excited to tell Hydrow Members more about Ireland so that they feel they are really drawn into this destination. It’s all in the details you know, like how Howth got its name from the Danish vikings that came here and how it used to be a major trading port between England and Dublin. We have a deep history that makes Irish culture the way it is today. I can’t wait to share that with the Hydrow community.

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