Keeping Our Team Safe

Kelly Johnson

At Hydrow, our mission has always been to create opportunities for people to live their healthiest lives possible, using rowing as a means for delivering challenging workouts and the power of a committed team. 

We also have a great responsibility to protect the safety and wellbeing of our on-water team, and have been working very hard to make sure that everyone stays healthy and safe during these unsure times. Here are some of the additional safety measures that we’ve instituted over the past weeks to ensure the health and safety of our athletes, production team and the entire Miami Beach community, and to limit the spread of COVID-19.

  • Limiting group size and individual proximity -- Access to Indian Creek is currently limited, and we’re actively limiting the number of crew members who are on-site at any given time. We’ve reduced our production crew to three members maximum at a time, along with one Athlete in a single shell at a time. While filming, each crew member is positioned at least 6 feet away from all other crew members -- this distance is maintained during the preparation, filming and breakdown/cleanup of each filming session.

  • Donning protective gear to keep everyone safe -- In accordance with the CDC’s recommendations, all members of the crew wear face masks before, during and after filming. The Athlete only removes his or her face mask during workouts once he or she is a safe distance away from the filming boat in his or her own single shell, and resumes wearing the face mask before arriving back on land.

  • Sanitizing all filming and rowing equipment -- Each filming unit has a dedicated set of filming equipment that is carefully sanitized before and after each use. Any shared equipment is handled with protective gloves, and doused with alcohol-based cleaner in between each use. Each rowing shell is sanitized thoroughly by the Athlete who used it after each row. Each Athlete has his or her own oars that are also sanitized thoroughly after completing a workout, and his or her own in-boat electronic equipment is kept on their person when not in use.

  • Commuting safety -- Our Athletes and production crew are also mindful when commuting to and from filming, avoiding public transportation and using either their own personal vehicle or walking/cycling back and forth from filming.

In addition to our on-water filming precautions, we’re exercising additional caution as our team moves from Miami Beach to the Boston area. The team is moving in two groups, in order to allow time for everyone in each group to self-quarantine for the State of Massachusetts’ recommended 14-day period upon their arrival. This approach allows the team to transition safely from Miami Beach to Boston, while continuing to deliver Live Rows. There will be a few temporary changes to the Live Row schedule during this time -- stay up to date on the latest schedule by activating our new calendar integration or by checking our blog or by scrolling down on the home tab your Hydrow.