Meet the Crew: Manteo

If the name Manteo Mitchell seems familiar, it’s because he comes to Hydrow with an amazing story. While competing as an Olympian in 2012, Manteo was running the 4x400 meter race for the U.S. Track & Field team in London when his leg suddenly snapped. Incredibly, he kept running through the pain and was able to hand the baton to a teammate — ultimately helping the team earn a silver medal. 

His story doesn’t stop there. Manteo’s gone on to become an acclaimed motivational speaker, and powered by his personal motto — Faith. Focus. Finish. — he’s now training as a member of the U.S. Men’s Bobsled team. In 2026, he could become the seventh person in history to medal in both the summer and winter games, and the first African-American male to accomplish the feat. 

We’re thrilled to welcome Manteo as he shares his passion and enthusiasm in Circuit Training workouts with Hydrow Members.

Q: Let’s start with the basics: Where did you grow up, and where do you live now?

A: North Carolina. I was born in Shelby, raised in Mooresboro, and now live in Asheville. 

Q: Can you tell us a bit about your family life?

A: I’m very close with my family. The road I grew up on included 90% of my relatives — so, from a young age, family was always central to my experience. Today, I've started my own family, including my 10-year-old son who was born a few months after my 2012 race in London. We've begun to create our own experiences through travel, eating, and music.

Q: Could you tell us more about your famous race in 2012?

A: Ha! It’s quite simple and yet so complex. I was running the first leg of the 4x400m relay in London. When I got to the 200m mark, my left fibula bone snapped. I was instantly faced with two options: Stop right there because it hurts and I could risk further injury — or keep running. I kept running, and we went on to break the record for a preliminary race in the event. The next day, a teammate replaced me and we won the silver medal.

Q: How and when did you first become involved in the fitness world?

A: I’d say that I was connected to fitness as early as age 6. Growing up without much access to electronics or games, that was our go-to — we were always outside, running and playing all day long. 

Q: What’s your training background?

A: I specialize in Elite Sports Performance. Everything from pure athletics to mental training and recovery. 

Q: What can Hydrow Members expect when they work out with you?

A: When you work out with me, you can expect inspiration, motivation, and some sweat. We are going to put in work, and the results are going to follow.

Q: How would you describe your coaching style?

A: I’ve been asked this often. I just go off of “feel.” Everyone is different, and I’m able to adapt to the room. I do believe in a holistic approach, with added savviness and swagger.

Q: What’s your favorite style of workout to lead?

A: I love a total body circuit with all types of movements.

Q: We hear that music is also a big part of your life. What’s your favorite music genre to include in workouts?

A: I definitely lean toward something with a nice cadence, bass, and rhythm. Hip-hop, Latin, pop…those typically provide what I need!

Q: Do you make music yourself?

A: I’ve been in and around music since I was a little kid. I grew up in the church singing for my grandmother’s youth choir while also playing drums and piano. I eventually picked up the organ in high school, and was the National Choral Student of the Year for Chamber Choir (Baritone). I guess you could say music is in my blood. 

Q: Final question: What do you want to help Hydrow Members achieve?

A: I want every Hydrow Member to become the best versions of themselves. The work you deposit will result in a happy body and mind in the end. 

Manteo’s energy and drive — as an Olympian, a world-class athlete, a musician, a dad, and now as the newest member of our crew — is absolutely electrifying. Check out his Circuit Training workouts on your Hydrow or the app to see how he brings it all to life in every full-body session.