The Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health

Amanda Crawford

Exercise and physical activity are positive additions to any routine. Every mind and body is unique, so finding ways to move that bring you joy and a sense of confidence is the most important thing you can do for yourself. It doesn’t just benefit your body, it helps your brain too. 

Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health

There are so many positive ways we can give ourselves the space to cope, and even thrive, while living with the daily challenges to our mental health. Exercise, physical activity, and mindfulness are among the healthiest of those choices. Research shows we can have a better quality of life and a greater sense of well-being when we are more active. Many people experience fewer and less severe symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as improved cognitive functioning, when they add movement into their routine. Mind and body are interconnected, so it’s no surprise that regular activity is a key component of mental health. Prioritize exercise that gives you confidence to face day-to-day challenges and allows you to find joy in your own experience.

Benefits of Exercise in Live Outdoor Reality**™**

With Hydrow, you can add the beauty of exercising in the great outdoors without leaving the comfort of your own home. We take you to waterways and landscapes around the world, where you can row, practice yoga, Pilates, and more. Studies have shown exercise can feel easier when performed in a natural environment. This can lead to exercising at higher workloads and, in turn, improved physical health. Simply being exposed to natural scenes during exercise can also reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and lower resting heart rate, which is the physical manifestation of improved mental health. 

Mental Health-Boosting Hydrow Workouts 

Hydrow not only gets you outdoors and gets you moving, we also offer a sense of community and space for structure. Often a component of improving mental health is creating comfort through routine when everything else feels chaotic. Having a consistent exercise routine can bring that sense of structure, and Hydrow can help. You don’t have to do it alone. We offer each other support and encouragement through exercise, connection, and community. Try these workouts featuring mindful movements, designed to increase your self confidence and sense of wellbeing. 

- Dani’s 10 minute Breathe Relax and Rebuild Row 4/26/22: Make a steady comeback with Dani as you take it easy for two 4-minute climbing pieces. Find by Filtering: Dani, 10’, Breathe, California

- Owen’s 10’ Stress and Tension Release 5/23/21: Focus on releasing tension from your shoulders and neck with Owen in this restorative practice at Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort. Find by filtering: Owen, 10’, Restore, Colorado

- Mike’s 10’ Sunset Row Release 1/22/22: Chase the sunset with Mike as you maintain lower rhythms inside the lush marshes of Essex. Find by filtering: Mike, 10’, Breathe, Massachusetts

- Christie’s 15’ Gentle Whole Body Pilates Release 02/24/2021: Simply observe and investigate your body as you follow along with Christie in this pilates session designed for all levels. Find by filtering: Christie, 15’, Pilates, Massachusetts

- Dani’s 5’ Confidence Cool-Down Release 12/03/21: Take things slow with Dani as you reflect on your fitness journey and the confidence you continue to build. Find by filtering: Dani, 5’, Cool-Down, Florida

The body and brain are intertwined and the connection between both can affect your emotional wellbeing. These workouts will help you recognize, respect, and reflect on both the physical and psychological. Share your thoughts about them with us on social using @Hydrow #FeeltheHydrowHigh. We can’t wait to hear what you think.