Join us for a new adventure in Destination: Chicago

Amanda Crawford

Rowing Chicago—our latest destination and a new badge

We’re coming to the Windy City! As a Member, you know that we’re committed to bringing you new Live Outdoor Reality experiences. And we couldn’t go wrong with Chicago, with its history of modern architecture, legendary sports teams, and the Chicago-style food, of course.

It also holds a special place in Hydrow’s heart, as it has a unique rowing culture. There’s the storied Manley High School Crew, America’s first all-black rowing team (a story captured in the sports documentary, A Most Beautiful Thing.) Additionally, Chicago is also where our founder and CEO, Bruce Smith, coached rowing for many years. Bruce helped found the Lincoln Park Juniors Programs, coached at Loyola Academy, and worked to open up the Chicago River to rowers.

We’ll take to the teal waters of the Chicago River, and publish workouts from Chicago starting Wednesday, November 2. To find these workouts, just use the filter, Location: Illinois.

And it wouldn’t be a Destination workout without an all-new badge to mark your achievement. To earn your badge, complete any workout in Chicago after they are available in the library.

Q & A: Why the crew chose Chicago

For a little more insight into our newest destination, we chatted with Hydrow Athletes James Dietz and Mike Dostal to learn more about what’s so special about this city and these workouts.

Why are you excited for Hydrow Members to experience these workouts?

James: Chicago is such a special city. There are stunning visuals and interesting architecture surrounding you. The blue water of the Chicago River is so vibrant amongst the landscape. It has a different feel than the rest of our destinations.

Mike: Chicago is a very unique place: the rivers are narrow, and the buildings are huge. I imagine that members will feel like they’re going fast when they row alongside this scenery. The filming site enabled us to showcase Live Outdoor Reality differently, as you’re very much in a busy city.  

What’s your favorite memory from filming these rows?

James: A couple of things stood out for me. Having the opportunity to row out of the Chicago Rowing Foundation boathouse,  where there is a plaque dedicated to our founder and CEO, Bruce Smith. Also, the crew went out for an architecture tour which helped us gain more knowledge of the city. But my favorite part? Hanging out with some Members in real life and learning about their experiences with Hydrow.

At Hydrow, we’re always working to bring you the world’s most iconic waterways and vistas. Learn about our Prague rows and other beautiful destinations available on the Hydrow now!