Destination: Seville Workout Planning

Marie Le Hur

Welcome to Destination: Seville, a week dedicated to traveling the world with Hydrow. Our newest #HydrowDestination brought us to the architectural masterpiece that is Seville, Spain. 

Every day from Monday, April 11th through Sunday, April 17th, we’ll release a new set of rows and mat workouts designed to be paired together to maximize the benefits of rowing, strength, and flexibility. 

“It’s important to complement your rowing workouts with strength, mobility, yoga, and Pilates in order to improve your rowing technique and performance. By developing flexibility and strength, you reduce the risk of overuse injury, while building a balanced and healthy body. We collaborated with the Athletes that traveled to Seville to design workouts that pair well together in order to make the most out of every workout with Hydrow,” says Pete Donohoe, Hydrow’s Director of Fitness and Strength and Movement Specialist. 

Take a look at the workouts that will be released during our Destination: Seville week along with pairing recommendations by our Exercise Research team. Make the most of every day and start planning your week now.  — 

Monday, April 11th

- Nick’s 10-min Drive “Welcome to Seville Row”  - Laine’s 30-min Sweat “Energizing Endurance Row”  - Pete’s 30-min “Bodyweight Strength”  Exercise Research team recommendation: Welcome to Destination: Seville! Today, pair Nick's 10-min Drive with Peter's 30-min Bodyweight Strength. Together these workouts will get your blood flowing while you see the sights and learn more about why we chose Spain as our newest destination. Start your week with an energy boost, an increase in strength, and a dose of power.

Tuesday, April 12th

- James’ 20-min Sweat “Legs + Core Row”  - Michelle’s 15-min Breathe “Steady State Row”  - Christie and Laine’s 10-min “Core Burn Express Pilates”  Exercise Research team recommendation: Complement James' 20-min Sweat with Christie and Laine's 10-min Express Pilates. Pairing this technique-focused workout with an added core Pilates workout will help reinforce proper core connection for your rowing stroke. James, Christie, and Laine will help you feel that abdominal burn. 

Wednesday, April 13th 

- Journey “Rio Guadalquivir Stern View”  - Michelle and James’ 10-min Drive “90s Music Row”  - Owen and Michelle’s 10-min “Heat Building Yoga Align”  Exercise Research team recommendation: Tag along with Michelle through Spain on Wednesday! Pair Michelle and James' 10-min Drive with Owen and Michelle's 10-min Align Yoga. Today, experience a workout duo that is upbeat and fun, while building strength on your Hydrow and increasing flexibility on the mat. 

Thursday, April 14th 

- Nick’s 30-min Breathe “Spanish Specialty Row”  - Pete and James’ 10-min Mobility “Essential Stretches for Your Back”  - Owen’s 10-min Yoga “Finding Breath and Stillness Restore”  Exercise Research team recommendation: Today let’s focus on some self-care by pairing Nick's 30-min Breathe with Owen's 10-min Restore Yoga. Not only will you hear about Nick's time in Spain, but you will focus on finding your breath and building intervals, all while taking care of your mind and body. 

Friday, April 15th 

- Laine’s 20-min Drive “Bootcamp HIIT Row”  - Journey “Rio Guadalquivir Bow View” - Christie’s 20-min “Core Pilates”  Exercise Research team recommendation: Happy Friday – it's time for some core! Pair Laine's 20-min Bootcamp HIIT Drive with Christie's 20-min Pilates. Together these workouts will jump-start your weekend, fire up your core, and build your confidence. You’ll get a fast-paced workout increasing your strength and power at high intensity intervals, then through targeted movements, activate your core muscles to continue building your abdominal strength.

Saturday, April 16th 

- Nick’s 20-min Sweat “Learn + Burn Row”  - Michelle’s 10-min Breathe “Staying Cool Row”  - Pete and Nick’s 10-min “Core Strength”  Exercise Research team recommendation: Pair Michelle's 10-min Breathe with Peter and Nick's 10-min Strength for a quick but effective 20-minute workout sequence. These workouts will keep you moving, increase your blood flow, and help you practice controlling your movement.

Sunday, April 17th 

- James’ 30-min Drive “Power Hip-Hop Row” - Laine’s 10-min Breathe “Cardio Burn Row”  - Owen’s 20-min “Power Yoga Flow”  Exercise Research team recommendation: Close out an amazing week in Seville with a great pairing of Laine's 10-min Breathe and Owen's 20-min Yoga Flow. Combining these workouts will increase your heart rate and improve your stamina on and off the water.

–  Check out what’s coming to the on-demand library in this week’s Hydrow On Deck.