How much does a Hydrow cost? (pricing + options)

Amanda Crawford

If you’re here, you’ve likely been researching different home fitness equipment and are weighing your options. While you can find general pricing information in our store, you might be wondering what it actually costs to get a Hydrow. Are there hidden fees or other expenses to be aware of? Good news – you’re in the right place.

Getting started with Hydrow is easy. We have two rowers to choose from, and a membership that grants you access to all the things that make Hydrow unique.

So how much can you expect to invest in a Hydrow? Let’s break it down.

The Hydrow Rowing Machine Cost

We have two different rowers to choose from: The Hydrow and the Hydrow Wave. Each has its benefits and selling points. Both rowers have a 375 lbs weight capacity, and come with a 30-day risk-free trial, one-year home use warranty, and all of the same great Hydrow content. 

The Hydrow

The Hydrow, our original rower, boasts a contemporary, sleek aluminum and steel frame. It has a 22” adjustable screen that folds for storage. It has a 86″L x 25″W x 47″H footprint and weighs 145 pounds. This rower has an impressive 10-roller system for extra smooth operation. 

The Hydrow Rower: $2,495 USD*****

The Hydrow Wave

The Hydrow Wave is the newest addition to our line of rowers. It has a black polycarbonate frame with an industrial swirled finish. The Hydrow Wave has a smaller 16” screen that folds for storage. It is slightly smaller than the original Hydrow with a shorter and narrower 80″L x 19″W x 43″H footprint, and weighs 30% less at 102 pounds. This rower uses a 2-roller and 2-idler system for smooth rowing.  

The Hydrow Wave: $1,895 USD* 

Both rowers are sure to please. You can check out our rower comparison to see which machine would be the best fit for your needs. We offer one-time purchasing, or 0% monthly-financing through Klarna. 

The Accessories Cost

While accessories aren’t required, many Hydrow users find value in having some accessories at their fingertips. These accessories can enhance your workout experience and contribute to your success in using your Hydrow rower.

We recommend placing your Hydrow on a machine mat to reduce noise and vibration. We also offer an upright storage kit to safely store your Hydrow in an upright position. If space is limited, this accessory is a must. We also have a vertical anchor for the Hydrow Wave, providing a secure way to store your Wave upright. 

We also have a line of accessories to support your On the Mat workouts. The On the Mat workouts are a great way to cross-train and supplement your rowing workouts. You might even see some of your favorite rowing athletes making an appearance in these programs. 

On the mat workout kit

Again, these accessories are not required, but can enhance your experience and make great gifts. We offer packages for both The Hydrow and The Hydrow Wave for additional savings on accessories. 

The Membership Cost

While a Hydrow Membership isn’t required, it is strongly encouraged. Hydrow rowing machines are designed to be used with the membership-exclusive programs that make us who we are. Without it, you’re buying a high-quality rowing machine, but you’re not going to get the same experience as you would with the membership.

We offer two ways to pay for your membership: monthly and annually. 

A monthly subscription is $44 USD/mo (plus applicable tax). 

A prepaid annual subscription is $528/year (plus applicable tax). 

You only need one membership for your Hydrow machine. Your entire household can use a single membership, with different user profiles, to track their progress and stats. 

We also offer a “Digital Basic” membership for those of you who want to take advantage of the library of on-demand workout content and basic access to the Hydrow community, without owning a Hydrow rowing machine. 

The Digital Basic subscription does not support inputting stats or meters recorded from another rowing machine into the app. It also only allows for one user profile. Most importantly, the Digital Basic subscription cannot be connected to a Hydrow rowing machine. It is designed to be used exclusively by those of you who don’t have access to a Hydrow machine, but still want to utilize our library of Live Outdoor Reality content.

This membership is $19.99/mo through the App store and is available on both iOS and Android.

Without a membership, you do have access to “Just Row mode” on your Hydrow. 

Total Hydrow Cost

So what’s the all-in cost of a Hydrow?  Your rowing machine will cost either $1,895 or $2,495 depending on which model you choose. If you opt to finance through Klarna, you can pay $40 or $52 per month if you qualify for 0% financing.  Accessories, though not required, can add an additional $100-$500, depending on what you want to add to your equipment. Membership, also not required but strongly recommended, is $528/year or $44/month

You’ll find that owning a Hydrow costs less than a standard gym membership. A basic membership at a popular fitness center (we won’t name drop here) that only provides FOUR classes per month will cost you more than a Hydrow membership. It’s safe to say that a Hydrow membership will pay for itself in no time.

If you have more questions about the cost of a Hydrow, please contact us for more information.

*MSRP, may change with sales and promotions