Meet the Crew: The Hydrow Athletes

Pete Donohoe

With diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and training styles, each of the fierce competitors that make up the all-star roster of Hydrow Athletes provides unique and different workout experiences that will challenge, inspire, and motivate you to push yourself to achieve your goals. Keep reading as we highlight each of the Hydrow Athletes that you know and love and dive deeper into who they are as people — not just as elite athletes.

Nick Karwoski

Nick brings his fun, lighthearted personality to every row, while still maintaining a focus on proper form and solid results — leading to some pretty killer workouts. Also a former U.S. National Triathlon Team member, Nick has serious talent when it comes to endurance sports and pushing through to the finish line. 

Learn more about Nick here.

Laine Maher

Join Laine on the water and be instantly welcomed into her circle. Coming from a family full of athletic talent, it’s no wonder Laine has become such an accomplished rower herself. A lifetime of balancing work, family, and rowing has given Laine a focus on efficiency and purpose that carries through to her workouts that the Hydrow community loves so much. 

Learn more about Laine here. And check out her Instagram: @lainemaher.

Aquil Abdullah

Accomplished Hydrow Athlete, Olympian, software engineer (at Hydrow!), and father of two… Aquil quite literally does it all! Though incredibly talented (in fact even being the first African-American male to win a national rowing championship), Aquil’s humility and expertise in navigating challenges make him an incredible leader within our community.

Learn more about Aquil here. And check out his Instagram: @aquil_hydrow

Christie Wang

Christie is a critical part of keeping the Hydrow community balanced. This dancer-turned-runner and pilates expert is a go-to for all things related to holistic health — veganism, working out, you name it. Be sure to work the other 14% of your muscles with some of her On the Mat content. 

Learn more about Christie here. And check out her Instagram: @fitwithchristie

Dani Hani

Paralympian Dani has faced her share of challenges in life, but this resilient athlete never lets an obstacle stand between her and her goals. Endless positivity, inspiring messages, and killer workouts are just a few of the many incredible traits the Hydrow community knows and loves her for.

Learn more about Dani Hani here. And check out her Instagram: @danimariehansen

James Dietz

With an easy-going personality and a whole lot of athleticism, James was born to be a great rower and coach. He brings his strengths to every workout, where he hopes to “empower my teammates and anyone rowing with me at home to find their own definition of confidence and strength — both on and off the water.” James is quite literally always hungry for a good workout. 

Learn more about James here.

Mac Evans

For Mac, rowing is all about the team… and having fun. As a lifelong athlete, but a relatively recent adopter of rowing, Mac knows the value of a supportive team and goes out of her way to create that type of environment in every one of her workouts — all with a huge smile on her face. 

Learn more about Mac here. And check out her Instagram: @macevanss24.

Sera Moon Busse

Sera Moon is a team player through and through. It is the team dynamic that pushed her to become a nationally-ranked rock climber, that brought her to rowing as a student at Tufts University, and that motivates her to chase an Olympic dream. Despite the various ups and downs of being an elite athlete, Sera Moon has emerged with all of the skills and motivation necessary to bring not only herself through challenges but to pull others along as well. 

Learn more about Sera Moon here. And check out her Instagram: @seramoonbusse.

Peter Donohoe

We’re beyond lucky to have this two-time Irish Olympian in bobsledding on our team as our strength and conditioning coach. Peter helps everyone in the Hydrow community be at their best and strongest, and our Hydrow Athletes are no exception. Make all 100% of your muscles burn with Peter’s workouts. 

Check out his Instagram: @donohoetraining.

Mike Dostal

Rowing has always been a part of Mike’s life, and the importance of a supportive community has been one key learning throughout the years. From his days on the Great Britain National team to now, as a loving father and husband to his family, to leading within the Hydrow community, Mike is all about connection and unity. And this shines through in everything he does — on and off the water.

Learn more about Mike here and about Mike’s family story here. Also, check out his Instagram: @mikehydrow.

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