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Think of all the ways that water impacts your life. Drinking. Bathing. Sanitation. Rowing. Can you even picture what life would look like without access to clean water? There are currently 844 million people globally who are living without access to safe...

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Going For It: Hydrow Goals

This month, we're focused on goals. Big or small, individual or shared, short-term or long-term; no matter what they are or what they look like, they help motivate us to go after what we want, and to continue to grow, progress and learn. Here at Hydrow,...

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The Power of Community

“I’m addicted to the leaderboard -- but it’s not just about seeing my own ranking. I love seeing who’s on the water with me and how they’re doing. Seeing a familiar username on the leaderboard is just like rowing past someone you recognize out on the...

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Meet the Crew: Our Hydrow Athletes

When we set out to recruit our team of Hydrow Athletes, we knew we needed to find a group of individuals who did more than simply look the part -- we needed to find peak performers who were dedicated and knowledgeable, while remaining friendly and...

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