The Boathouse Commit to Fit Fall Challenge 2020

Commit to Fit Fall Challenge 2020

August 28, 2020

Healthy habits are hard to form, but they’re a lot more fun when you have a team behind you to push you, give that extra motivation, and hold you accountable to achieve your personal fitness goals. Take charge and make the commitment to forming healthy habits and improving your fitness by signing up for the Commit to Fit Fall Challenge.

Haven’t worked out all summer? This Challenge is for you. 
Want to improve your whole health? This Challenge is for you.
Need that extra push to work out every day? You guessed it… this Challenge is for you.

To join in on the fun, sign up here before the Challenge kicks off on Monday, September 14th! 

Here’s the scoop on our Commit to Fit Fall Challenge:  

What is the Commit to Fit Fall Challenge? 
The Commit to Fit Fall Challenge is a 28-day challenge promoting the physical and psychological benefits of working out for 20 minutes every day. Just 20 minutes of exercise each day can significantly improve your overall well-being, leading to a happier and healthier you! 

Once the Challenge begins on Monday, September 14th, you will receive a daily email curated by the Hydrow team to kickstart your day that highlights some tips, insights, or motivational messages to motivate you to keep moving. 

Workout with Hydrow 5 days a week, for at least 20-minutes each day, over the course of the 28-day challenge. Complete the Challenge and we’ll send you a surprise, limited edition Hydrow Commit to Fit Fall Challenge 2020 t-shirt. 

Sign up here before 11:59 PM ET on Monday, September 14th.

Why should I sign up for this Challenge? 
The fall is all about getting back into a routine. Summer months tend to be hectic and sometimes your exercise routine can fall by the wayside. So let’s get back to it together! Let’s commit to benefiting our whole health — mentally and physically — by finding a workout routine that can stick.

Some benefits of getting back in the exercise groove can include: improved fitness, reduced stress, increased ability to focus, greater self-confidence, lower anxiety, and an overall healthier attitude. 

We know that getting into a daily workout routine takes work, so the Commit to Fit Fall Challenge is designed to motivate you to put in the time and energy and encourage you to achieve your fitness goals. 

Do I have to sign-up to participate? 
Yes! To participate, you have to sign-up before 11:59 PM ET on Monday, September 14th. Be sure to sign up for the Challenge before that time here.

What types of workouts count towards my 20-minutes?
All Hydrow workouts, including Live and On-Demand rows and On The Mat workouts, add to your progress. Want to do a 15-minute drive and 5-minute cool down? How about a 10-minute row followed by a 15-minute On the Mat pilates work? Great! All workouts completed in a single day count towards your 20-minute total. So get those meters and mat workouts in! 

I am a Hydrow Digital Basic user, can I still participate? 
Of course! This Challenge is open to our entire Hydrow community. Be sure to sign up for the challenge and get in your 20 minutes a day, 5-days a week.  

I just got my Hydrow, can I join the Challenge? 
Definitely! This Challenge is for all of our members. If this is your first time rowing, we recommend starting with the Learn to Row series and then Beginner Training Camp. These workouts count towards your 20-minutes a day.

I am not near my Hydrow during these four weeks, what do I do? 
If you are an iOS user, you can download our iOS app and your workouts will count from there. Download the Hydrow iOS App here

What if I miss a day or don’t get 20 minutes in one day? Can I make it up?
Unfortunately, if you miss a day or don’t get your 20 minutes in at least 5 days each week, you won’t qualify for the limited-edition t-shirt, but don’t give up! You 5-days each week can be any day of the week, and as long as you have 20 days of work by the end of the Challenge, you will have succeeded. And, your Hydrow Crew will keep cheering you on no matter what you do.

Is there a special Facebook group for this program?
Not quite! The Hydrow Training Camp Facebook group is the best place to engage with other Hydrow community members to support one another and drive personal change. Whether you’re a new user getting started or a seasoned rower, this is the perfect place to share your stories, workouts, questions, and ideas. You can join the Facebook group here

Use the hashtag #HydrowCommitToFit on social media to connect with other members of the community who are also participating!

Sign up for the Commit to Fit Fall Challenge

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