DJ Row Saturdays at Hydrow

Pete Donohoe

Get in a sweat and move to the beat! Our weekly DJ rows are designed to match intervals to the music. These workouts are available live and on-demand every Saturday, with special playlists curated by our very own DJ J. Boogie. These 20 minute Sweat workouts get you moving in your seat and working out to the beat!

Ranging from pop to disco to throwback hits, our Hydrow Athletes and DJ J. Boogie collaborate on a weekly basis to match interval workouts with songs that sync in beat and rhythm. J. Boogie explains that “DJ rows are unique workouts that are injected with the intensity of a DJ. I partner with the Athlete and find the right energy of music to match the workout they are planning.” Studies on working out to different music tempos show that certain types of music and BPMs (beats-per-minute) can amplify the results of fitness conditioning, and this workout series wants to tap into the power of music! 

The main difference between DJ rows and other Hydrow rowing workouts is that the format of each row is perfectly matched to a musical tempo. First, J. Boogie studies the structure of the workout with the Hydrow Athlete leading that row. Every DJ row has a specific theme or genre for its music. The team works to create a diverse selection of DJ row themes and genres to represent our Members’ varied interests. Once the theme of the row is chosen and songs are picked, they are mixed into each other, so there’s more continuity as each track flows into the next. 

Here are a few of our past DJ row themes (all available in the on-demand library): 

- Pop Dance  - Classic Rock  - East Coast Vs. West Coast Hip Hop - 80s Pop  - Motown - Electronic Pop  - Disco Funk  - Afrobeats  - And more!