Feature Update: Filters

Leanne Yenush

You asked -- and we heard you loud and clear. Workout filters are officially here!

Filters make it easier than ever to explore Hydrow’s massive library of on-demand workouts, so you can find the perfect row to match your mood.

To activate filters, simply tap the “Filter” icon at the right-hand corner of your Hydrow screen, and the filter bar will appear. Using the drop-down icons, select your athlete, workout duration, workout type or location. Select two or more filters to help narrow it down even further. Once you specify your filters, all available workouts matching that criteria will appear below.

So go ahead -- power through all of Nick’s 20 minute Drives. Missing that summer sunshine? Select “Miami” from our locations menu for workouts filmed on the bright blue waters of Indian Creek. No matter what types of workouts motivate you most, they’re just a few taps away.

Not seeing filters on your Hydrow screen yet? You may be due for a power cycle. Power down your Hydrow using the rocker switch above the front legs, wait at least ten seconds, then turn it back on, allowing Hydrow to search for and install any software updates. You can also check out our Support article on Filters for more information.

With filters, you’ll be able to revisit your favorite past rows with ease, or discover new workouts to fall in love with.

What “new” on-demand rows have you discovered with filters? Let us know on social, using #Hydrow.