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Feature Update: Leaderboard

June 3, 2020

Get ready for an even more dynamic way to compete with yourself and your fellow rowers on Hydrow with our all-new leaderboard. We know that your Hydrow experience is a personal one — so we’re working to give you even more ways to make sure that your workouts are exactly the way you like them.

In addition to an all-new design refresh, the new leaderboard offers several new features we know our members have been looking forward to.

Here’s everything you need to know about our new leaderboard: 

What’s different about this new leaderboard?

  • Displaying profile picture, location, gender identity, and age range
  • Filtering based on age range or gender identity
  • Displaying the total number of rowers for the workout

What can I filter on the leaderboard?

You can now narrow the scope of people to a particular age range or gender identity. The total number of rowers on the leaderboard is listed at the top. Sometimes the leaderboard can feel overwhelming, so this feature can help you find other members of the Crew who you compare with. 

Can I select multiple age groups or gender identities?
Right now, you can only choose one age group and one gender identity to filter. If you would like to see a broader range of users, remove the filters. 

Why does the distance between me and other people on the leaderboard look different?
The distance between you and nearby competitors is shown on the right, but now, instead of showing the number of meters each person has, it shows how many meters ahead they are (+) or behind (-) you. 

Will I have to reset my filters every time I row?
No — once set, Hydrow will remember your filter selection for all future workouts until you change them!

Will my Hydrow update automatically?
Your Hydrow should update with the new leaderboard automatically. If you are not seeing it yet, please reboot by flipping the power switch off, waiting 5 seconds, then turning it back on. A power cycle should do the trick. 

Want to learn more? Check out our Support article on the New Leaderboard for more information.

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