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Hydrow Fall Challenge for Swag!

Sep 10, 2019

Another month, another challenge… it’s time to get it done.

We loved the excitement and positivity you guys showed during the Challenge, so this month, we’re kicking off another opportunity to get engaged and get active — but this time around, you’ll have the chance to earn some Hydrow swag!

Here’s how you can get involved.

How it Works

Participating is easy — Between Monday, September 9th and Sunday, October 6th, complete at least one 10-minute (or longer) Hydrow workout per week, and you’ll be automatically entered in the Fall Challenge. For every week you participate, you’ll unlock another prize option.

What prizes can I select from?:

The more weeks you participate, the more prizes you have to choose from:

  • Rowing one week unlocks a Hydrow sweat towel
  • Row two weeks unlocks a Hydrow water bottle
  • Row three weeks unlocks a Hydrow hat
  • Row four weeks unlocks a Hydrow sweatshirt

At the end of the challenge, you’ll be able to select your preferred prize.

Fall Challenge FAQs

Q: Do I have to sign up?
A: Nope! Every member’s account in the Hydrow community is automatically enrolled in the challenge.

Q: My family has a Hydrow at home and there are three of us that use it. Does that mean we’re only eligible for one prize?
A: All Hydrow users have the same chance to earn the swag. Any account on Hydrow is given the opportunity to play, so all registered members of your household can participate.

Q: What counts as a workout?
A: 10 minutes on the Hydrow doing any workout counts as a workout for the week. Just get your butt in that seat!

Q: How many workouts do I have to do to get credit for each week?
A: Just one! Any row, any level, even On the Mat content — as long as it 10 minutes or longer — counts (but obviously, we encourage you to keep rowing even after your ten minutes are complete!)

Q: When do the weeks end?
A: In this challenge, each week ends on Sunday night at midnight your time. So as long as you row for at least 10 minutes at some point between Monday morning and Sunday night, you qualify.

Q: Do I get one prize for the month?
A: Yes, just one swag prize (per participant). But for every week you row, you’ll unlock another potential prize option — so if you workout with Hydrow at least once a week during all four weeks, you’ll have four different prizes to choose from.

Q: Why are you giving away so much swag?
A: Because we love swag and we love you! As our Hydrow community continues to grow, we want to give you the opportunity to represent Hydrow and share the love.

See you on the water!