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The Boathouse arrow right Join us for a Hydrow Impact Day

Join us for a Hydrow Impact Day

June 25, 2022

At Hydrow, our mission is to create the most beautiful human experience. This commitment shapes everything that we do: how we care for and prioritize our employees, how we support and engage our Members, and how we seek to unify our communities – both internal and external – with respect and dignity.Please join us on Monday, June 27 for a Hydrow Impact Day to support women’s rights. For any row completed on Monday between 12:01 AM ET and 11:59 PM ET, Hydrow will make a donation to the Global Fund for Women, a non-profit supporting movements driving gender equality, equity, and justice for all.We actively practice this commitment to supporting human rights via Hydrow Impact initiatives including:

– Partnering with groups like Water.org, which unlocks access to basic human needs for millions around the world, and BLJ, the first Black owned community rowing club to help support diversity and inclusion within the sport of rowing.

– Continuing to evolve our benefits to best support our employees and their needs including flexible working schedules and locations, childcare cost support, mental wellness support, and company closure periods.

– Empowering our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team which regularly meets to support internal and external initiatives such as regular learning and discussion points and diversity intern and mentorship programs.

– Creating content for Members to support important moments in our history and society – including Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Black History Month, and Transgender Day of Visibility, among many others.

Here at Hydrow, we believe in supporting and contributing to a world in which all people have equal access to human rights and to self-determination, and we consider the recent ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court an affront to these values.

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