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The Boathouse arrow right Join our Summer Jams Challenge 2022

Join our Summer Jams Challenge 2022

July 9, 2022

This summer, get in a sweat while you move to the beat during our newest Summer Jams Challenge. From Monday, July 11th to Sunday, August 7th we’re releasing a DJ Mix row each week that’s packed with summer-inspired jams and anthems that are sure to get you pumped up. All you need to do is complete all four rows to earn your own limited-edition Summer Jams badge. 

Beginning July 11th, look for a new DJ Mix row in your library each Monday by filtering your Workout Style by DJ Mix. Complete all four rows before Sunday, August 7th to earn your badge. 

What’s in a Summer Jams Challenge?

We know that music has the power to get you moving and level up your workouts. In fact, studies show that working out to different music tempos can amplify your fitness results. Not to mention, it’s fun and can be a surefire motivational boost. For this challenge, our very own DJ JBoogie worked with four Hydrow Athletes to curate special summer-inspired playlists that will pump up the volume (and your heart rate). 

Former Head of Hip Hop and R&B Programming at Pandora, DJ JBoogie has created these playlists to pair with the unique intervals of each row so you can zone in and jam out without missing a beat. He promised you can expect summer bangers, throwbacks, and everything in between, no matter your workout style or taste.

For each row, our Athletes picked a genre of music: Mike – Dance, Mac – Country, Sera – 2010s Pop and Dani – 80s. Each playlist is stacked with songs sure to bring you back to your favorite summer memories, whether that’s a car-ride sing along with the windows down, or your favorite family BBQ. No matter your summer soundtrack, there’s something for everyone.

Keep the jams going

Did you know that we release new DJ Mixes all the time? If you didn’t get your fill from this challenge, you can find all our past (and future) DJ Mixes using the DJ Mix Workout Style filter in your library. All DJ Mixes are classified by genre so you can row to the beat with whatever music suits you best. Remember, look for the badge icon in the upper right hand corner to know which workouts you need to join in on in order to complete this challenge (hint: they will be at the top each Monday).

Share your badge with the crew

When you earn the badge, be sure to show it off with pride on social and in Facebook Training Camp using #FeelTheHydrowHigh so we can celebrate with you. Now let’s jam out on the water!

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