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Meet the Crew: Our Hydrow Athletes

February 19, 2019

When we set out to recruit our team of Hydrow Athletes, we knew we needed to find a group of individuals who did more than simply look the part — we needed to find peak performers who were dedicated and knowledgeable, while remaining friendly and approachable; motivating and inspirational, but still down-to-earth and relatable. We needed strong personalities that draw you in and challenge you to work harder, move faster and dig deeper — trainers who our users would feel an instant connection with, and trust as their guides on the water.

It was a tall order, but after a nationwide search that spanned nearly a year, we’ve assembled a team that far exceeded even our greatest expectations, and have been instrumental bringing the Hydrow vision to life.

Introducing Team Hydrow

Our team of Hydrow Athletes is comprised of an all-star roster of elite rowers, each of whom bring their distinct style, specific skill set and unique flair to their individual coaching styles.

Our Meet the Crew series will feature in-depth interviews with each of our incredible Athletes, helping you to get to know them better, both on and off the water. You’ll hear about their unique backgrounds and relationship with rowing, learn more about their training styles, their personalities and priorities, and who they are as people — not just elite rowers and coaches.

We’re so proud of our Hydrow Athletes and can’t wait for you to meet Dani, Nick, Grace, Christine, Sera and James, and experience their magic for yourselves on the water.

What would you like to learn about our Hydrow Athletes? Tweet your questions at @Hydrow_by_CREW using #AskTeamHydrow.

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