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The Boathouse arrow right Meet the Crew: Michelle

Meet the Crew: Michelle

January 28, 2020

Happy Tuesday, and welcome to another episode of Meet the Crew. We’re proud to introduce our newest Hydrow Athlete, Michelle Sosa. 

How did you start rowing?
I had never rowed before I walked on to the team at Rollins College in Orlando, Florida as a novice rower. A few months later, after a ton of hard work and dedication, I made the varsity team — but with a small caveat. My first year, I would row four races: two for the novice team and then the exact same two races for the varsity team. 

Racing this much right off the bat was definitely a challenge, but it was such an incredible feeling of achievement. Between the team adrenaline, the adventure, and the beautiful Florida scenery, I was hooked! 

After a few seasons at Rollins, I was recruited to join the Michigan State University team for the remainder of my college career. East Lansing, Michigan is definitely different than Orlando, but the great team dynamic and nice people kept teaching me to love the sport. 

Why did you choose to pursue rowing?
For me, rowing produces a glowing sense of self-accomplishment. Low self-esteem, which is something that I’ve struggled with, simply evaporates when I am on the water. 

How did you find Hydrow? And why did you choose to join the crew?
Last winter, Grace [Luczak] and Christine [Cavallo] dropped into my boathouse and trained with my rowing team for a short while, so that is how I first learned about Hydrow. I am also a certified personal trainer in New York, and am always looking for the best way to deliver high-quality results to those that I train. Hydrow delivers these results in a fun and engaging way, so that definitely drew me in as well.

How would you describe your coaching style?
I consider myself to be raw and authentic, and I think that my workouts reflect those traits. I hope that my openness, honesty and vulnerability will band our incredible community together and allow us to push through any of our individual struggles as a team. When people finish my workouts, I hope that they have learned something new — about themselves or the world — or think about something in a new way. I want my workouts to be a time for reflection, hard work, perseverance, and grit. 

When you’re not rowing, what fitness activities do you like to participate in?
I love yoga and beach volleyball, but my true love is basketball. My skills are too far gone, so at this point I just like to imagine my glory days rather than trying to recreate them! ☺️

Which professional athlete do you look up to the most and why?
Serena Williams. I admire her so much for breaking down color barriers in her sport. Her story resonates with me deeply and I nearly cry with admiration every single time I watch her strive for glory with grace and grit.

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