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The Boathouse arrow right Racing results have a new home in the app

Racing results have a new home in the app

December 13, 2021

Since we introduced Racing, our members have inspired us through their teamwork and commitment to pushing one another forward with every stroke. As our community continues to grow and with members’ feedback in mind, we’re making some exciting updates to your racing experience. Here’s a first look at the changes you’ll see this month:

Racing Results are Moving to the App
On December 20th, we’ll remove the racing tab on Hydrow and the app will become your go-to place for easily managing your teams and tracking race results each week. Currently available on iOS and coming to Android the week of December 13th, you can find Racing underneath the Activity tab in your app.

Weekly Race Filter on Hydrow
It’s now even easier to find this week’s race on Hydrow. Just filter Workout Style by Weekly Races in your on-demand library, then complete the latest row. Visit the app to see results throughout the week and check out the finals when the race ends at 11:59 pm ET each Sunday.

Manage Your Teams
Beginning December 20th, you can manage your racing teams by deleting those that you no longer wish to be a part of – all through the app! In the spirit of fair play, you can be a member of three teams at a time, max. If you’re currently in more than three teams, you’ll need to delete any extras if you’d like to join a new team in the future.

Compete for Meters, not Minutes
We launched minutes racing to help broaden the appeal of racing beyond those who enjoy competing for meters. We were excited that some Members were motivated by minutes racing, but we’ve also heard feedback that racing for minutes didn’t feel accessible to everyone. In response, we’ll be discontinuing minutes racing on December 20th. We believe that any time you invest in your fitness with Hydrow is a win, so we’re looking forward to finding new ways to encourage healthy competition among our community in the future. 

Tell Us What You Think 
We appreciate your feedback in helping us build a better Racing experience and thank you for bringing the spirit of competition and teamwork to life in our Hydrow community. Have thoughts about these updates? Click the feedback button on your Hydrow or in the app and let us know what you think. 

Thanks and see you on the water!

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